Kgf Chapter 1 Bhojpuri Becomes The Most-watched Film Worldwide On Youtube Prashanth Neel Yash Goldmines Kgf 2 – Kgf Bhojpuri: ‘KGF’ Bhojpuri became the number one film in the world, made a tremendous record by getting so many views on YouTube



Bhojpuri may not have got the status of a constitutional language in the country so far, but Bhojpuri speakers have made a new record on YouTube. It is surprising to think that a film released in Bhojpuri will become the most watched film in the world. But, it has been done amazingly by director Prashanth Neel’s actor Yash starrer film ‘KGF’. The ‘KGF’ franchise has already become one of the most successful film franchises in the country and now the first film of this series has created a new record, it has created a new wave of hope in the Bhojpuri film industry.

KGF Franchisee’s Fantastic Earnings

The business of ‘KGF’ and ‘KGF 2’ has been very good at home and abroad. ‘KGF 2’ has recently released in theaters and has earned about Rs 1210 crore in cinemas around the world and if you add the business of ‘KGF’ released before this, then both the films together collected about 1500 crore rupees from theaters alone. are over. The first film of the franchise ‘KGF’ was released in the year 2018. Its YouTube rights are with Goldmines, a well-known company that releases dubbed movies. The film was dubbed in Bhojpuri and released on YouTube two years ago in 2020.

616 million views on youtube

‘KGF’ Bhojpuri has got 616 million i.e. 61.60 crore views on YouTube till Monday. It is claimed that these are the most views for any film worldwide on YouTube and with this ‘KGF’ has become the most viewed movie on YouTube worldwide. Apart from this, the film has also got 5.9 million i.e. about 59 lakh likes on YouTube and this is also a new record in itself.

Chapter 3 is yet to come

Kannada film maker Hombale Films has woven director Prashanth Neel and actor Yash into ‘KGF’, the story of a man who rises from extreme poverty to become the biggest don of the Mumbai underworld. The first film of the series begins from there when the Prime Minister of the country signs the order to send the army to eliminate him. The second episode of the film was even more popular than the first film and it ends at a juncture where ‘KGF Chapter 3’ has every potential.

New Sanjeevani to Bhojpuri Industry

The business of Bhojpuri film industry has been falling continuously for the last few years. These days also around 22 Bhojpuri films are in various stages of production but the business of Bhojpuri films has remained negligible in cinemas and most of the films are now being released directly on satellite channels or OTT. In this gloomy atmosphere of Bhojpuri film world, the Bhojpuri dubbed version of the film ‘KGF’ has garnered stellar views on YouTube. And, these views are so much that it has made this film number one on YouTube among the most watched movies across the world.



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