Chardham Yatra Darshan Is Now Start In Kedarnath From Five In Morning



Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee has changed the timing of opening and closing of the doors of Kedarnath temple. Along with this, the time of darshan for common devotees has also been reduced. Now Dharma Darshan is starting from 5 in the morning in Kedarnath temple. At the same time, after the evening aarti and makeup darshan, the temple is being closed at nine o’clock in the night. A new arrangement has been made keeping in mind the active monsoon and the decreasing number of passengers.

This time record devotees are reaching Dham in Kedarnath Yatra which started from 6th May. Within 59 days, the number of visitors has reached 850014 in the Dham. In the months of May and June, from 4 in the morning to 11 in the night, he was seeing Baba. But now, in view of the decreasing number of passengers with the onset of monsoon, BKTC has also changed the timing of opening of doors in Kedarnath in the morning, dharma darshan, afternoon bhog and rest and closing the doors after evening aarti.

Under this new arrangement, which started from July 1, the doors of the temple are being opened in Kedarnath at four in the morning, while the common devotees are being given darshan of Baba from five in the morning. After offering Bhog to Baba Kedar at 3 pm, after cleaning and resting the temple, the doors of the temple are being opened again for the devotees from 5 pm onwards.

At the same time, evening aarti is being done from 6.30 to 7 pm. After this, the doors of the temple are being closed at 9 pm. BKTC President Ajendra Ajay said that keeping in mind the decreasing number of passengers, the timing of opening and darshan has been changed.

Will write a letter to CS for the locker room

The Chairman of Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee will write a letter to the Chief Secretary regarding the facility of locker room for the pilgrims in Kedarnath. Said that mobile phones are being completely prohibited inside the Kedarnath temple. For this, a locker room is necessary for the passenger to keep his mobile phone in a safe place.



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