Hema Malini Did Not Meet Dharmendra First Wife Prakash Kaur Due To This Reason



Dharmendra Hema Malini Wedding: The names of Dharmendra and Hema Malini are included in the legend stars of the industry. Many stories related to these two are heard and told even today. Today we are going to tell you a similar anecdote related to Hema and Dharmendra, which is also related to the actor’s first wife Prakash Kaur. Actually Dharmendra’s first marriage was with Prakash Kaur in the year 1954 with the consent of the family members. Four children, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Vijeta Deol and Ajita Deol were born from this marriage.

At the same time, in the year 1980, Dharmendra surprised everyone by marrying actress Hema Malini. According to media reports, Dharmendra had married Hema for the second time without divorcing Prakash Kaur. Prakash was deeply hurt by this incident. At the same time, even after more than four decades of marriage, Hema did not meet the actor’s first wife, Prakash Kaur.

The reason for this was told by Hema herself in an interview. According to Hema, she did not want anyone to be in trouble because of her, which was why she thought it better to keep a distance from Prakash.

At the same time, while giving her reaction on Dharmendra’s second marriage, Prakash Kaur had even said that, ‘Dharmendra could not be a good husband but he is definitely a very good father’. Let us tell you that after marrying Hema, two daughters Esha Deol and Ahana Deol were born in Dharam Paji’s house.

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