Arjun Kapoor Reacts On His Relationship With Malaika Arora, Tells What He Thinks Of Her Past



Arjun Kapoor Malaika Arora Relationship: Arjun Kapoor has always been in the headlines for his personal life. He has also never hidden his relationship with Malaika Arora. Malaika is divorced and has a son. In such a situation, what does Arjun think about Malaika’s battering? He had said many things about this in an interview. According to media reports, Arjun had said, I never talk excessively on my personal life because I feel that we should respect our partner’s past.

Arjun further said, he has a past and I have also seen such a situation where things get out of hand after coming in public which is not good because children are also affected by it. I always try to make a boundary. I do only those things in which she (Malaika) is comfortable.

Arjun further said, also my relationship should not come in the way of my career. Yes, it is clear that I will never hide anything. I am able to talk today because we have given respect, time and space to our relationship. Even if I get married, I will not hide it. I have not done any planning about this yet, but when I do, I will not hide anything.

Let us tell you that Malaika and Arjun are in a relationship with each other for almost four years. Before that Malaika used to be the wife of Arbaaz Khan but both got divorced. After the divorce, Malaika has got the custody of son Arhaan.



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