CBSE Result 2022 30 Lack Student Started Protest Before Cbse Result Declared Know All Details In 5 Points – Cbse Result : Why CBSE students demanding justice before result? Know the whole matter in five points



Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) result can come anytime. Meanwhile, students appearing for class 10th and class 12th are running a #JusticeForCBSEstudents2022 campaign on social media. Apart from this, students have also filed online petitions. In such a situation, the question is arising that what is the reason for this anger of the students just before the results are out? What is the whole matter? Know its full story…

What is the demand of students?

Actually students want change in the process of making result. There is a demand of the students that the result should be made on the basis of better score in both the term. To understand in simple words, the students of class 10th and 12th have been examined in two terms. Term-1 and Term-2.

Students say that due to the corona infection, most of the online classes have been conducted for the last two years. In such a situation, studies have not been done well. Due to Corona, the system has also deteriorated a lot. In such a situation, these things should be kept in mind while preparing the result and only the good marks obtained in different subjects in both the terms should be included in the result.

Student activist Himanshu Bora explains it simply. He says, “CBSE students have given exam twice as Term-1 and Term-2. Both of these have happened in different ways. Term-1 where Objective Based. At the same time, Term-2 was subjective.

Himanshu further says, ‘Now the interest of the students should be seen even during the evaluation. Due to Corona, the situation has become much worse than before. In such a situation, evaluation should be done according to ‘best of other terms’. Meaning students should be given those marks in weightage which is more in any one term. For example if in English Term-1 got 35 marks and in Term-2 we got 20. So for the weightage in the percentage, only the number of term-1 should be added. Similarly, if you have got more marks in Term-2 in Maths then take it.’

Why are you demanding change?

Student Shivam Shah says that the situation is bad for the last two years due to Corona. Most of the studies took place online. Classes have not gone well. Due to being an online class for the first time, the students also did not understand much. In such a situation, the board should look into all these problems.

Student Yash says, in the last two years, we have suffered a lot. Our batch has proved to be an experimental batch. So the board should help us. According to student Om Damle, not much time was found between Term-1 and Term-2. Even most of the students are worried about this.

What is the method of evaluation now?

The board has not yet given information about any clear evaluation method for this. However, while announcing the new pattern of examination last year, the board had definitely talked about the evaluation. Accordingly, the total marks of Term-1, Term-2 and Internal Assessment will be first averaged. On the basis of this average marks, the result of the student will be prepared.

Vijay Singh, Regional Officer, CBSE Panchkula says, “So far the board has not issued any policy regarding official evaluation. Although it is certain that the result will be prepared on the basis of marks of both the term. There will be a meeting of the board, after which the process of preparing the result will also be released. Then it will also be decided that by when the result can be done? As of now no date has been fixed for releasing the result.

When will the result be released?

We asked this question to Balwinder Singh, Zonal Incharge of CBSE Kanpur. He said that the process regarding the result is going on. At present, no date has been fixed for this, but the result is likely to be released by July 15.



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