Dmks A Raja Controversial Statement From Demand Of Separate Tamil Country Dravid Nadu To Mention Of Pakistan And Jinnah News



The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) in Tamil Nadu recently held a meeting with its civic body representatives. The rights of the Center and the states were discussed in the meeting. In the meeting, DMK leaders lashed out at the central government’s governance. Chief Minister Stalin also warned his local representatives. He said that if you people also do things that harm the image of the government and the Chief Minister, then you will have to pay the price.

In the meeting, DMK MP A Raja attacked the Center and threatened to resume the demand for a separate nation. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin was also present when Raja was speaking at a meeting of local party leaders in Namakkal. A Raja said many controversial things during this period. Let us know what A said in the meeting. King?

1. On the separate state of Tamil Nadu

a. Raja said, “Don’t force us to demand a separate country. Periyar, the founder of the party, kept on demanding a separate country till his death. But the DMK put these demands aside for the sake of democracy and unity of the country. That’s why I make a request. I request our CM, who is currently on Annadurai’s path, not to force him to take Periyar’s path. Give autonomy to the state.”

Significantly, one of the main demands of the DMK in the early years of its establishment was the demand for a separate Dravida Nadu from India. Periyar and Annadurai raised this demand for a long time. However, in 1962, when the Jawaharlal Nehru-led government outlawed separatism, the demand for a separate state of Tamil Nadu gradually faded away. However, support for Dravida Nadu has been expressed several times in the DMK. After a long time once again A. The king has worked to increase this demand by talking about the demand for a separate country.

2. On the Tamil-Hindi controversy?

a. The king also mentioned the language dispute. He said, “Home Minister Amit Shah says that Hindi should be one language of India and it is necessary to use Hindi to keep the country united. Will one language unite the country?”

3. On Pakistan and Jinnah?

Raja, referring to the partition of Pakistan and an incident with Jinnah, said, “When Pakistan was separated, the founder of that country had gone to Dhaka in northern Pakistan. While he was giving a speech in Urdu there, a young boy stood up and said that he knew only Bangla, not Urdu. Despite this, Jinnah continued to speak in Urdu. Later this became the reason for the partition of Pakistan.

4. On the concept and constitution of India?

The DMK MP said that establishing India as a union of states was a difficult task for BR Ambedkar himself, as the Congress then in power was not ready to accept it. Referring to Ambedkar’s statement, Raja said that the word Bharatam was included in the Constitution forcibly and not by his will. Raising questions on the Constitution, he said that it mentions three types of division of powers – powers of the Centre, powers of the state and concurrent powers. Raja said that the central government has the most power in this.



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