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Whenever there is a discussion of female superstar actresses of the early stages of Indian cinema, either the name of Devika Rani comes first or Ruby Meyers of foreign origin, who later changed her name to Sulochana. . But, if you have not heard about Naseem Bano, then you have missed such a beautiful actress of that era who used to go to school and sit in a palanquin. Discussions of Devika Rani and Sulochana were in their own way, but if the name of watching films in the name of a heroine started in Hindi cinema, then it was Naseem Bano. She is also considered the first ‘female superstar’ of Hindi cinema. If you want to understand the film connection of Naseem Bano according to today, then it is enough to know that she was the mother of famous actress Saira Bano and mother-in-law of Hindi cinema veteran Dilip Kumar. Today is Naseem Bano’s birthday, let’s know some interesting stories related to his life.

mother wanted to become a doctor

Born on July 4, 1916, in a noble family of Delhi, Naseem Bano was earlier named Roshan Ara Begum. His mother wanted Naseem to become a doctor, but his passion for films forced him to rebel against his mother. Once during a visit to Bombay (now Mumbai), Naseem went to see the shooting of a film where he met Sohrab Modi, seeing Naseem’s beauty, Sohrab Modi offered him to work in his film, but the mother did not want that. Naseem should work in films. But Naseem Bano had to work in films only. She was a huge fan of Sulochana, seeing her films, she was inclined towards films. But when mother refused to work in films, she went on hunger strike. In front of her daughter’s insistence, her mother gave up.

when dropped out of school

Naseem Bano was studying at the Queen Mary School in Delhi in those days. Working in films was considered a low-level profession in those days, due to which Naseem Bano was thrown out of school and his studies remained incomplete. He started his career in films with Sohrab Modi’s film ‘Khoon Ka Khoon’ in the year 1935. Before giving work in this film, Sohrab Modi signed a contract with Naseem Bano that she will do films under his banner ‘Minerva Movietone’. After doing films like ‘Khan Bahadur’, ‘Meetha Jahar’, ‘Vasanti’ made by Sohrab Modi, Naseem started getting a lot of discussion and other producers also started offering him films, but due to being in contract with Sohrab Modi. She was not able to do films outside.

Discord with Sohrab Modi

The film ‘Sheesh Mahal’ was Naseem Bano’s last film with Sohrab Modi. Naseem Bano’s work in this film was highly appreciated. After this film, there was a rift with Naseem Bano and Sohrab Modi over the contract with Sohrab Modi and Naseem Bano got away from Sohrab Modi’s films forever. After this Naseem Bano worked with Ashok Kumar in Filmistan Studio’s film ‘Chal Chal Re Naujawan’.

Establishment of Taj Mahal Pictures

Naseem Bano himself started his production company ‘Taj Mahal Pictures’ after marrying his childhood friend Ehsan-ul-Haq. In the year 1942, Naseem Bano produced the first film of his production company ‘Begum’. After that he produced films like ‘Mulakat’, ‘Chandni Raat’ and ‘Azeeb Ladki’. Later he also acted in some action films, but those films did not work. In these days, the freedom struggle going on in the country against the British was also gaining momentum.



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