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Before the era of digital and satellite, the success of films in Hindi cinema was judged by their dominance at the box office, how long they lasted in theatres. Celebrating the glorious hundred days, Silver Jubilee on completion of 25 weeks and Golden Jubilee on completion of 50 weeks went on. The trend of breaking the figure of 100 crores did not come then and in the year 1997, when producer director Yash Chopra’s film ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’ earned Rs 71 crores, it was also considered a huge record. In terms of earnings this year, JP Dutta’s film ‘Border’ was at number two, Indra Kumar’s ‘Ishq’ on third, Subhash Ghai’s film ‘Pardes’ at number four and director Rajiv Rai’s film ‘Gupt’ at number five. The success of ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’ and ‘Pardes’ tied the head of Shahrukh Khan. The success of ‘Ishq’ is linked in the account of Ajay Devgan and Aamir Khan. ‘Border’ was a multi-starrer film and this year’s shocking success was ‘Gupt’, which was the second film of its hero Bobby Deol. But, people still remember what Kajol did with him in the film. Bobby, Kajol and Manisha Koirala played such a game together on screen that even the world just kept singing, ‘Gupt, Gupt, Yeh Hai Gupt Gupt…!’ Some stories from this film in today’s biscope..

Akshay and Sunny’s names before Bobby

While writing the story of the film ‘Gupt’, its writer, director Rajeev Rai had two names in mind for the lead roles, Akshay Kumar and Sunny Deol. He had made ‘Tridev’ and ‘Vishvatma’ with Sunny Deol and ‘Mohra’ with Akshay Kumar. Rajeev Rai also mentioned the story to Akshay Kumar and also to Sunny Deol. Sunny Deol advised Rajiv that he should make this film with Bobby Deol because his first film ‘Barsaat’ was just about to be released and Sunny found this story perfect for the second film of Bobby’s career. Rajeev Rai also got the point and started preparing to shoot the film in early 1996 by signing Bobby Deol. The first heroine signed with Bobby in the film was Raveena Tandon. Bobby’s photoshoot was also done with Raveena, which was also printed in some places as a teaser of the film. But, then in the last schedule of ‘Barsaat’, Bobby Deol broke his leg.

After Raveena and Karishma, Manisha

Raveena Tandon was not a part of the film ‘Gupt’ due to dates. Raveena was to do the same role in the film which later came in the part of Manisha Koirala. This character of Bobby Deol’s fiancee Sheetal Chaudhary in the film was also offered to Karisma Kapoor before Manisha, but due to some reasons, the matter could not be made. Bobby Deol and Karisma Kapoor were paired for the first time after this in director Kundan Shah’s film ‘Hum To Mohabbat Karega’. Manisha Koirala was also approached by Rajiv Rai for the role of Sahil Sinha’s childhood friend Isha Dewan, who played Bobby Deol in the film, but Manisha took the role of Sheetal Chaudhary and Kajol came after that in the role of Isha.

three films based on one story

The story of the film ‘Gupta’ is very much based around the English novel ‘Good Children Don’t Kill’ published in 1976. Rishi Kapoor’s second film ‘Khel Khel Mein’ was also made on this novel. And, Akshay Kumar’s career-brightening film ‘Khiladi’ based on the story of this novel. Five years after the release of ‘Khiladi’, when ‘Gupta’ was written, Rajiv Rai put all the things in it in such a way that the cine audience of that time was very fond of it. The way Kajol was presented in the film, the whole idea was of Rajiv Rai. Shabbir Boxwala as co-screenwriter weaved this idea into the entire film. When Kajol signed this film, she was in awe of the success of ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. She took this big risk of her career and after winning the Filmfare Best Actress Award in ‘DDLJ’, she spread the shine of her ability by winning the Filmfare Best Villain Award in this film.

Kajol’s best acting

Apart from Kajol, only Priyanka Chopra has won the Filmfare Best Performance in a Negative Role award for the film ‘Aitraaz’. The actresses to be nominated for this award are Urmila Matondkar for the film ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’, Shabana Azmi for the film ‘Makdi’, Bipasha Basu for the film ‘Jism’, Preity Zinta for the film ‘Armaan’ and the film ‘ Amrita Singh is involved for ‘Kalyug’. If you still talk to Kajol on this character, she laughs. She admits, playing the character of Isha Dewan in ‘Gupt’ was a big challenge and also a big career hazard. But, a little risk must be taken in life. Kajol has always liked to do something different by going out of the comfort zone. Yes, she does not believe that a sequel can be made to a film like Gupt. She even says that none of the films she has done so far in her career should be a remake or a sequel.



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