Shahjahanpur Fire Weeds At Priyanka Wedding There Was Mourning Due To The Fire In The Cylinder – Shahjahanpur Fire:



A fire broke out in the cooking cylinder in the pavilion program in village Vikrampur under Kalan police station area of ​​Shahjahanpur. Due to this, former village head Munni Devi (65), Ganga Devi (70), Neelam (35) and Vandana (22) died with burns. Three more people were also injured in the accident. They are being treated in hospitals in Bareilly and Badaun. The wedding procession of Priyanka, daughter of Ram Niwas Yadav, brother of the village head Omvir, was to come from Jaithra village in Kalan on Sunday. The preparations for the procession were going on in the house. There was a pavilion program on Saturday. There was a crowd of relatives in the house. At four o’clock in the evening the women of the house were cooking. As soon as the gas was lit, the cylinder caught fire. The surrounding women were surrounded by the flames emanating from the cylinders. Priyanka’s grandmother, grandmother and two maternal sisters died due to severe burns. At the same time, Manorama, Alok and another person got burnt.

Where Mangal songs were being sung, tears spilled on seeing the dead bodies lying there.

At the wedding of Priyanka in Vikrampur village of Kalan, there was a hue and cry. A few hours ago, where the wedding preparations were going on in full swing. There, there was mourning due to the fire in the cylinder.

Where the Mangal songs were being sung, seeing the four dead bodies lying there, the family members as well as the villagers cried. Decoration was done outside the house for Priyanka’s wedding.

People kept talking there till late Friday evening. Preparations were on for a grand event on Saturday evening. After the accident in the afternoon, there is mourning silence in the whole village.

There is silence even at the intersections of the village, which are buzzing till midnight. The chapels were also deserted. The whole village is saddened by the death of four women.



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