Maharashtra Assembly Speaker Election Winner Bjp Candidate Rahul Narvekar Know Why Uddhav Thackeray In Trouble



The BJP and Shiv Sena (Eknath Shinde) faction have got the second major victory in Maharashtra. BJP candidate Rahul Narvekar has won the Assembly Speaker election by a huge margin. He defeated Rajan Salvi of Maha Vikas Aghadi. Although the BJP and Shinde faction are already strong in the numbers game, but the meaning of this victory is different. It is being said that now the problems of Uddhav Thackeray faction are going to increase rapidly. Even if Uddhav does not compromise with the Shinde faction, the party can also go out of his hands.

Let us know what is the meaning of victory of BJP candidate in the assembly elections and how much problems can increase for Uddhav Thackeray?

First know what happened in the election of the Speaker of the Assembly today?

On the orders of the Governor, a special session of the Legislative Assembly was called for two days from today. The election for the post of Speaker of the Assembly was fixed on the very first day. BJP and Shiv Sena’s Eknath Shinde faction fielded first-time MLA Rahul Narvekar as its candidate. On the other hand, Maha Vikas Aghadi fielded Rajan Salvi of Shiv Sena (Uddhav faction).

Even before the start of the elections, the office of Shiv Sena in the assembly was sealed. A notice was pasted on the office that it is being sealed as per the instructions of the Shiv Sena Legislature Party. It is being said that this action was taken by the Eknath Shinde faction. Meaning now the Eknath Shinde faction in the assembly has started completely capturing the Shiv Sena. During this, the Eknath Shinde faction also issued a whip, in which all the MLAs were asked to vote for BJP candidate Rahul Narvekar only. This whip was also given to the MLAs of the Uddhav Thackeray faction. Rahul Narvekar won the election and the seat of the Speaker of the Assembly was captured by the BJP.

Know more how Shivsena’s troubles will increase with BJP’s victory?

1. The Shinde government will be stamped in the floor test: In the election of Speaker, it has become clear that BJP and Eknath Shinde have majority. BJP candidate Rahul Narvekar got 164 votes while opposition candidate Rajan Salvi got only 107 votes. If these figures remain, then it is clear that no one can stop Eknath Shinde from winning in the floor test to be held in the assembly on Monday.

2. No action will be taken against the MLAs of Shinde faction: It is clear from the assembly speaker election that Shiv Sena has most of the MLAs with Eknath Shinde. In such a situation, in the coming days, the possibility of increasing the split in the Uddhav Thackeray faction of Shiv Sena is high. In such a situation, the Speaker can also dismiss the disqualification proceedings against the MLAs of the Shinde faction.

3. Shivsena is completely occupied by Shinde faction: Most of the MLAs and MPs are with the Shinde faction. Now the Speaker of the Assembly also belongs to the BJP. Now the Uddhav faction is starting to weaken. In such a situation, it is possible that in the coming days, the Shinde faction will completely capture Shiv Sena.



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