KK Daughter Taamara Asks His Fans To Stop Sending Hate Messages To The Late Singer Team



KK Daughter Post: Bollywood singer KK has left this world saying goodbye. People are still shocked by the sudden demise of KK. KK had a heart attack after performing at a concert in Kolkata, after which he died. KK’s team is getting hate messages on social media. KK’s manager Hitesh Bhat and Shubham Bhatt are getting very negative messages on social media, after which singer’s daughter Tamra has come in their support. Tamra has shared a post on social media and has requested people not to spread hatred. Along with this, Tamara has also shared some photos with her team of KK.

Tamra has shared a long post. Tamra wrote – In this photo I want to thank all the beautiful people along with dad who used to travel with him, played an important role in his show and made him memorable. I told Hitesh uncle – mother Nakul and I were not together with dad in his last moments, he did not even get a chance to say goodbye but we are happy that he was with him. Ever since he started working with dad, his stress had eased.

This appeal to the people
Tamra further wrote – I heard about the hate mail that people are sending to Hitesh uncle and Shubham. Those people who are saying such negative things, ask yourself how would they feel if dad saw them? Tamra wrote in the last – All the fans of dad are sending love and support. Although dad is not with us all the time, he is with his other family, like he used to say. Please don’t spread negativity and give your love, support. They need it too, we are all going through it.

Tamra further wrote – I am thankful that we were not with dad on the last day but he was. These are the people that dad trusted the most and the biggest reason behind who became a dad.

As soon as Tamra shared the post. It was starting to go viral. Fans were also agreeing with him and are commenting positively on the post.

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