Raveena Tandon Remember Her Teen Days When She Physically Harassed | Raveena Tandon: ‘I was molested in the local bus and…’



Raveena Tandon On Metro 3 Car Shed: Maharashtra is in discussions these days. Sometimes Uddhav Thackeray fell on the throne and after his resignation on the throne of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde (Eknath Shinde) sat down. Another issue that is heating up as soon as the CM changed and that is ‘Aarey Metro 3 Car Shed’. To make this, the Aarey Forest will have to be cut, against which not only the general public and politicians, but celebrities have also come forward. Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is also one of them.

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon has always supported saving nature and even now she wants forests not to be harmed due to Metro 3 car shed. Recently, when a user asked Raveena Tandon about her middle-class struggle in Mumbai, the actress remembered her teenage days and the actress narrated her painful tale. She wrote in the tweet, “During the days of teenagers, traveled by local trains and buses, been molested, nipped and all that happened which most women go through. I bought the first car in the year 1992. Welcome to development. We are not responsible for just one project, but we have to be responsible for all that we are cutting the forest instead of protecting the environment/wildlife.”

Raveena Tandon spoke on physical abuse

At the same time, when another user asked Raveena Tandon when was the last time she traveled in a local train, which she is against the metro? On this, the actress has once again disclosed the physical abuse that happened to her. She wrote in the tweet, “Till 1991 I traveled like this and being a girl I was physically harassed even by unnamed trollers like you. Before starting work I saw success and bought my first car. Be from Nagpur, your city is green. Don’t think about anyone’s success or earnings.”

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