Amar Ujala Exclusive Sup Ban People Not Getting Support Customers Do Not Want To Pay Extra Charge – Sup Ban: People not getting support, people avoiding paying extra charges; Read this report of Amar Ujala



It has been two days since the ban on the use of single use plastic (SUP) in the capital. However, their presence in the markets still remains. It still remains in the markets of Central Delhi to New Delhi. As a result, people are also not shying away from using it. Some shopkeepers have these options, but to avoid extra charges, people are adopting plastic products. With this, the team of Amar Ujala visited the markets of Delhi. Here is the report:


Karolbagh is one of the busiest markets of Central Delhi. Every day a large number of people from NCR including Delhi reach here for shopping. Mainly from wedding shopping to auto parts and mobile shopping, crowds of people are seen here. Along with this, people who are fond of food and drink also turn here. In such a situation, there is a crowd of people from street vendors to restaurants.

On Saturday, the effect of the ban on single-use plastic in the market from small shops to big shops was ineffective. Straws, plates and cups and glasses were being used indiscriminately in 19 products banned by the central government. Most of these products are being used by street vendors. At the same time, soft drink vendors are also using it more.

In this regard, Rajendra Bhadauria, a shikanji seller, says that the straw currently being used is costing 50 paise, while the paper straw will cost up to Re. In the past, such straws were kept, but customers are not ready to pay Rs. In such a situation, the plastic straw has been kept again. He said that if the government makes these products available at cheap prices, then there will not be much problem in using them.

Another shopkeeper Naveen Kaushik said that he has been using plastic glasses for a long time, he also has an option of plastic glasses, but the cost of such glasses is high. In such a situation, one to two rupees is charged for such glass, but the customer is not ready to pay this fee. At the same time, there was no strictness at all regarding the use of polybags in the market. From shopkeepers to customers were seen using polybags. The number of such people was negligible, who had brought bags from home with them.



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