Ashu Of Panipat Killed Three Of His Friends Within 10 Hours By His Towel



For refusing to drink more alcohol, the friend was strangled to death with a pot. He also killed two more friends with the intention of destroying the evidence. He committed three murders in 10 hours. While confessing his crime, this has been disclosed by Ashu, a resident of Nara village. After the end of his four-day remand, he was produced in the court on Saturday, from where he has been sent to judicial custody.

ASP Vijay Singh said that on the night of June 11, apart from Ashu and Rakesh (26), Sonu alias Fauji (26) of his village, Monu (27), a resident of village Bhalsi, drank alcohol while sitting near the contract located in Matlauda. After sometime Monu left from there. When Sonu also refused to drink any more alcohol, Ashu got into a fight with him.

Ashu and Rakesh killed Sonu by strangling him with a pot and threw the body behind the contract. Monu came back again and started asking about Sonu. Ashu suspects that Monu has seen him murder. Ashu and Rakesh took Monu to Asandh Naka in Panipat on the pretext of drinking alcohol. Here Monu was strangled to death with a pot and threw the body in the canal near Shani temple.

After this, Ashu hatched a conspiracy to remove Rakesh, who was accompanying him in both the murders, so that there would be no eyewitness to his crime. Ashu told to bring Rakesh to Haridwar. Both left for Haridwar and started drinking alcohol while sitting in a field in Titawi village of Muzaffarnagar, UP. When Rakesh got intoxicated, Ashu strangled him to death with a pot.



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