Ayushmann Khurrana Mistakes: His 3 Big Mistakes Of His Life



Ayushmann Khurrana Mistakes: Radio jockey, television host, singer and handsome hunk Ayushmann Khurrana has revealed that he has committed three big blunders in his life, which cannot be corrected now. In a special interview of Filmfare, Ayushmann shared three big mistakes of his life.

Ayushmann’s three idiots in life
Ayushmann says that he did three stupid things in his life. The first stupid thing happened when he was in college. He used to take part in the Mood Indigo Theater Festival with his friends. In that train, many of his friends used to play guitar, some on tabla and dholak. In such a situation, many times people used to request many types of songs. He used to enjoy doing all this and while doing so, he used to accumulate a lot of money and then with this money he and his friends used to visit Goa. Ayushman told that he definitely enjoyed doing this stupid thing, but today he realizes that it was a mistake that he did while having fun with his friends.

second stupid marriage
Ayushmann says that the second mistake of his life was getting married early. Ayushman says that he did stupidity by marrying at the age of 25. At the time of marriage, his entire deposit was exhausted. Only Rs 10,000 was left in his account.

The third mistake was to be an actor
Ayushmann says that the third mistake was to become an actor. Due to becoming an actor, he has less time for his family and many other people keep talking good and bad about you.

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