Ayushmann Khurrana On Rishi Kapoor: Ayushmann Khurrana Reveals That Bollywood Actor Rishi Kapoor Was Always Being An One Take Actor



Ayushmann Khurrana On Rishi Kapoor: Bollywood actor Trishi Kapoor may not be with us today, but he will always rule our hearts through films. Trishi Kapoor, who made her mark in Bollywood with the image of a chocolaty hero, was one of those actors who ruled the hearts of people for many decades with her acting. He entertained people for many years with films like romantic, action, thriller and suspense. Trishi was an excellent and one take actor. Ayushmann shared a special conversation about Trishi Kapoor in Filmfare Magazine.

Ayushman Khurana – With the film Vicky Donor, he has made a different identity in the Bollywood film industry. Radio jockey, singer, television host and Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana will always be in favor of Trishi Kapoor. Trishi Kapoor helped Ayushmann during a film.

how to become ayushman khurana One Take Actor Trishi Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Stupidity may not do well at the box office, but Ayushmann Khurrana has benefited immensely from this film. In an exclusive interview with Filmfare Magazine, Ayushmann Khurrana told that Trishi Kapoor has made him a one take actor. Where earlier Ayushman used to take many takes before doing any shot. Trishi Kapoor has put an end to his habit of taking any shot more than once. Trishi Kapoor has been a one take actor since the beginning. In such a situation, whenever there was a shot of Trishi Kapoor and Ayushmann during the film, he used to come from home with his preparations, so that he would not have to take it again in front of such a big star. While practicing the same thing, Ayushmann himself has become a One Take Actor.

to Ayushmann Khurrana Trishi made one take actor It is because of Trishi Kapoor that today Ayushmann has become a One Take Actor and he gives full credit to Trishi Kapoor. Ayushmann will always be grateful to Trishi Kapoor for the fact that because of her, he also completes the scene of the film in one shot just like him. Due to Trishi Kapoor’s habit of one take shot in films, Ayushmann Khurrana has also become a one take actor. Yes, of course, during the film, Sonam Kapoor would sometimes speak for the second take, because she already knew Trishi Kapoor. Whenever Sonam had to give another shot, she used to say Trishi Uncle One Take Please.

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