Ram Vilas Yadav Case Big Action Against Ram Vilas Yadav Bulldozer Action On Complex



Major action is being prepared in UP against suspended IAS and LDA secretary Ram Vilas Yadav. Bulldozers may run on Ram Vilas Yadav’s complex soon. Vigilance team in Uttarakhand is taking action against suspended IAS Ram Vilas Yadav in the case of disproportionate assets. Vigilance can now soon give an application in the court to take Yadav on police custody.

Suspended IAS Ram Vilas Yadav was arrested by Vigilance in the disproportionate assets case. Vigilance had valued his assets at about 547 per cent more than his income. When Yadav was questioned in this case, he took the name of his wife in answer to most of the questions. A school is also running in the name of the wife while a substantial amount has been deposited in the daughter’s account.

Ram Vilas Yadav also gave some strange answers to Vigilance. When asked about the money deposited in his accounts, he said that I do not know who deposits this money in his accounts. Many people know my account number, whoever wants to deposit it.

Instead of being satisfied with these answers, the Vigilance officers were even more baffled. After this, questions were raised on questions, but Yadav kept on rotating the officers. Yadav has an FD of Rs 70 lakh. Apart from this, there is also Rs 15 lakh in his daughter’s account. Recently, goods worth lakhs of rupees have also been installed in the school run in the name of his wife.

When Vigilance added his income, it was found to be around Rs 50 lakh, while his assets are more than Rs 2.5 crore. When asked about this, he told that he does not even know who deposits money in his accounts.

When asked about Yadav’s sources of income, he says agriculture as his source, while his ancestral land in his village is only 10 bighas. If he grows any crop in this, then there cannot be such a big income.



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