Weather Update Today Monsoon Reached Entire Country Ahead Of Time Chance Of Good Rain In July – Weather Update



The Southwest Monsoon has advanced across the country with seasonal rains in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said, on Saturday, six days before the normal date of July 8, the southwest monsoon has knocked across the country. But the average rainfall this season is five per cent less. The monsoon, crucial for agricultural production and economic development in the world’s second most populous country, hit the coast of southern Kerala state on May 29, three days earlier than normal.

After a promising start, the rain has gradually reduced. There has been eight percent less rainfall in June. Meteorologists expect the monsoon to pick up pace in the coming months and there will be good rains in July.

Kharif crop affected due to indifference of monsoon

The indifference of monsoon in June has weighed heavily on Kharif sowing. This time till July 1, there has been a decrease of about 15.70 lakh hectares i.e. about 5.33 percent in sowing as compared to last year. Due to this, the country facing low yield of wheat is also facing the threat of less sowing of Kharif crops, as against the sowing of 294.42 lakh hectare at the same time last year, only 278.72 lakh hectare has been sown till July 1 this year. Yes it is.

The farmers of Punjab, the Terai region of Uttarakhand and western Uttar Pradesh are still waiting for good and continuous rains. Due to below normal rainfall in June, sowing of paddy, jowar, ragi maize, groundnut and ramtil is showing wide impact.

According to the data of the Union Agriculture Ministry, till now 10.57 lakh hectares have been sown under tur as against 12.27 lakh hectares last year.



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