Telangana Cm Kcr On Pm Modi Know Why He Comments Salesman, Dictator And Liar To Pm Latest News In Hindi – Kcr Attacks Modi: Why Telangana CM Calls PM a Salesman? KCR attacks Modi in 10 points



Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is a frequent attacker on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. KCR slammed PM Modi while campaigning for the opposition’s presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha in Hyderabad. Made several serious allegations. In front of Yashwant Sinha, KCR even called the Prime Minister as a salesman, dictator, liar, praising himself.

KCR, who always spoke in Telugu, gave this entire speech in Hindi. That too flow. Once he started speaking from the stage, he kept on speaking for 58 minutes. During his speech, KCR referred to the Prime Minister 43 times. Every time he leveled allegations and sought answers. In such a situation, the question arises that why all of a sudden KCR became so attacker on PM Modi? That too when Prime Minister Modi himself was present in Hyderabad. Let’s know…

First know what KCR said?

1. Today everything is going wrong in the country: KCR said, “What is happening in our country today? Whatever is happening is going wrong. is being done wrong. One should not remain silent at such times. Everyone should raise their voice against this. Today our Prime Minister is going to come to Hyderabad. Will be staying here for two days. They are going to speak against us by tearing their throats. But never mind… it’s a democracy. Speak to whomever you understand, to whomever you want to speak. All I would like to say is Prime Minister… the way you make false allegations against the leaders of the opposition. Similarly, he will also answer our questions in his meeting in Hyderabad.

2. PM did not fulfill any promise: KCR said, “When you were elected Prime Minister for the first time, you had made many promises to the people. We would like to know if you have fulfilled a single promise? I think not a single promise has been fulfilled. Even if we search with torches and lights, you will not get your work.

3. Farmers’ income did not increase, drowned in debt: KCR said, “You had asked to double the income of farmers, but the income did not increase, the debt definitely increased. When the farmers agitated for their rights, you made dirty allegations against them. Said militant, said Khalistani… what happened later. You had to apologize to the farmers with folded hands.”

4. Your Dictatorship Is Increasing: KCR said, “Prime Minister, you talk with your voice high… You speak whatever comes to your mind… This will not work in the country in future. You haven’t fulfilled any one promise. You praise yourself. But on the other hand, today the honor and dignity of the country is getting lost in everything. Your dictatorship is increasing day by day. Which is a threat to the country.”

5. Many Prime Ministers have come and gone: KCR said, “There will be a political change in the country. There is no permanent living here. Modi ji… Many prime ministers came before you too. Those whom the public gives a chance, they come and go after doing their work. Modi ji… I think you are under the illusion that we are the permanent ones. This is natural. There is democracy in this country. You have to go too.”

6. Killing Democracy: KCR said, “Prime Minister… what are you running in the country? What policies are being followed? India is getting worse from all sides. Farmers upset, unemployed youth upset, industrialists upset… What is the quality of your administration? You are just misusing the institutions. You persecute those who speak against you. They are killing democracy. The governments of the states are busy toppling. You have brought down nine governments so far. What is the result of this? Entire India is in disarray… no one is happy.”

7. No one is happy : KCR said, “Modi ji… no one is happy since your government came. Except your rhetoric, false propaganda, newsprint. I would like to tell one more time. Narendra Modi ji is the 15th Prime Minister of the country. Before this there were 14 Prime Ministers, but during the tenure of anyone, the dignity of the country has not fallen as much as it has fallen during the tenure of Modi ji.

8. The country had to be ashamed because of you : KCR said, “Prime Minister, if there is even a drop of honesty in your blood. The truth is… so I am asking a question and answer it. Why is there a mass movement against you in Sri Lanka? You went to Sri Lanka and played the role of a salesman of a small businessman and not the Prime Minister. Today the country is being ashamed because of your exploits. You have to bow your head. If you are even a little honest then come forward and answer it.”

9. Make in India White Lies: KCR said, “You (Prime Minister Modi) gave the slogan of Make in India. I would like to ask did it yield any result? Because of your fear, because of your policies, capitalists are running away from the country with their investments. Nothing happened in Make in India. It was just a white lie.”

10. You are working as a salesman of your friends: KCR said, “India has ample coal resources. Why is it still being imported from outside? States are being pressurized that coal will be available from Coal India only if you buy 10 percent imported coal. We refused. We have our own coal. That’s why I say Prime Minister… you are working as a salesman of your moneylender friends, not the Prime Minister.

After all, why is PM Modi on KCR’s target?

Assembly elections are to be held in Telangana next year i.e. in 2023. Here BJP has a lot of focus. BJP is rapidly increasing its base. This is the reason why TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister KCR Rao is so attacking on Modi.

If BJP becomes strong here, then it will be the biggest loss to KCR. The results of the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections held in 2020 were worrying for the TRS. Then the BJP had won 48 seats, while the TRS had won 55. Within just four years, the BJP had traveled from four to 44 seats.

At the same time, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP won four out of the 17 Lok Sabha seats. Earlier in 2014, BJP had won only one seat from here. KCR is suffering the most due to the growing support base of the BJP. Now the BJP has started preparations for the 2023 assembly elections. This time BJP’s national executive meeting is also being held in Hyderabad. The BJP wants to focus not only from Hyderabad to Telangana, but in all the southern states.

Why did KCR give a speech in Hindi?

Another discussion is also that why did KCR, who always speaks Telugu, while addressing his MPs and MLAs in Hyderabad, gave a speech in Hindi only? To understand this, we spoke to senior journalist Ashok Srivastava. He said, “KCR has been trying to become a national level leader for the last two years. Advertisements are being given for this in national newspapers and channels. He is trying to project himself as an alternative to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is the reason that despite being in Hyderabad, he thought it right to give speeches in Hindi only. They know that in order to rule the country, they will have to establish their feet in Hindi speaking states. This will be possible only when he will be able to explain his point to the people.



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