Rocketry The Nambi Effect Becomes First Movie In Hindi To Release Without Theater Posters In North India



The biopic of space scientist Nambi Narayanan, who was implicated in the conspiracy espionage case in 1994 during the UPA government, is being praised openly everywhere. Those who are coming out after watching the film, they are praising this film not only among their friends but also on social media. But, those watching the film do not understand why the posters of this film have not been installed in theatres. Cinema staff said the posters of the film were not sent by its distributor and the officials of UFO Movies, which distributes the Hindi version of the film in North India, were not aware of it.

Delhi’s Cinépolis

Space scientist Nambi Narayanan’s biopic ‘Rocketry the Nambi Effect’ has been released in just 200 screens in Delhi UP distribution area. The spectators who came to watch the film at the Cinépolis Theater in Nirman Vihar, Delhi were surprised that the posters of the film were not installed in the cinema hall. When the staff present there was questioned about this, they said that they put up posters of the film which is about to come. Meaning that even the employees working in the cinema hall do not know that the film ‘Rocketry the Nambi Effect’ has been released here. Where posters of upcoming films are put up in this cinema, there were no posters of ‘Rocketry the Nambi Effect’ till a week ago.

Posters not even in Lucknow

A similar incident was witnessed by Ashish Mishra of Lucknow. He praised the film in his Facebook post and wrote, ‘There is no discussion of this film on the main media! There is film in PVR and Cine Police but the screen is less! Even after installing it, its poster is not there, it is very annoying.’ The general audience is unable to digest the fact that the posters of the film ‘Rocketry the Nambi Effect’ are not being put up in the country’s two major film distributor chains till the day of the release of a film of national importance.

UFO Movies Answer

And, surprisingly, UFO Movies, the company that released the Hindi version of the movie ‘Rocketry The Nambi Effect’, is not even aware of it. When the company’s Delhi representative Ashish was talked to about this, his simple reaction was that this should not happen. When he was told that the posters of the film were not put up at the Cinépolis cinema hall in Nirman Vihar, a few kilometers away from his office, he was a little wary. Said, ‘If it is so, then I will show it.’ From his reply, it is understood that the representatives of the film distributor company have not even visited the cinema halls showing the film.

Madhavan was shocked to know about the information.

On the other hand, this information is not reaching the film’s producer and director R Madhavan that his fans are not getting the information about his film reaching theatres. Even the film’s distributor company did not deliver the posters of the film to all the theaters of North India showing the film in Hindi. He is also shocked when he gets this information. He says, ‘I don’t even know about it. I talk to UFO Movies about this.’



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