Priyanka Chopra Homeware Brand Sona Things Rate To High Fans Troll Her On Social Media



Priyanka Chopra Homeware Sona: Famous Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has recently entered the business world. Actually Priyanka Chopra has started her homeware lineup in the past. The name of this brand of Priyanka is Homeware Sona. The prices of whose goods skyrocket. In such a situation, fans are trolling Priyanka Chopra a lot on social media for such expensive items.

Price of goods will blow your senses

It is worth noting that under Priyanka Chopra’s Sona brand, the rates of every item are quite high fi. In such a situation, it is finding it very difficult for a common man to buy them. The cost of a table cloth of Priyanka Chopra’s homeware brand Sona is Rs 30.612 in Indian rupees. At the same time, the cost of a dinner plate in a vessel is Rs 4,733, the rate of a cup of tea is Rs 5.365, per one mug is Rs 3.471. At the same time, the cost of serving bowl is Rs 7.732. Not only this, the cost of a set of dinner napkins is Rs 13.284. Now even a common man can not see the courage to buy these items of Priyanka Chopra’s brand.

people trolled

People have been blown away on social media after knowing such rates of Priyanka Chopra’s homeware brand Sona. Under which he has started giving his reactions. Actually a Twitter user has written that I have to be very rich to buy these items of Priyanka Chopra’s brand. Another user has written that the goods are good but not worth buying. In this way people have expressed their different reactions.

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