Constable Murder Case New Twist In Constable Death Case Fellow Constable Killed Then Hanged On Fan – Constable Murder Case:



A new twist has come in the death of constable Ashish Kumar posted at Naujheel police station in Mathura. Ashish did not commit suicide. he was killed. The charge of murder is on the fellow constable. The accused fellow constable first assaulted Ashish and then strangled him to death with a rope. The soldier’s body was hanged from the fan to show suicide. This has been revealed in the investigation of Naujheel Police. The police has arrested the murderer’s fellow constable. The father has filed a case of murder against fellow constable in the police station Naujheel. The dead body of constable Ashish Kumar (25) son Ravindra Singh, posted in police station Naujheel, was found hanging from the ceiling fan in a rented room in Vipin Pathak’s house in Retia Gali, Meerut, on the late night of 29 May. The marks of injury on his body were clearly indicating towards the beating.

Initially, the police was also taking steps, yet on the basis of suspicion, the police took the constable Rohit Dhankhar into custody. When the police inquired strictly, the soldier broke down.

On Friday, on the complaint of Ravindra Singh, father of the deceased constable Ashish, the Naujheel police arrested the accused constable after registering a case of murder and under the Scheduled Caste section. SP Dehat Sreeschand said that Rohit strangled Ashish with a rope. After that, hanging on the fan weaved the warp of suicide.

He broke down during interrogation. The accused constable is in the custody of the police. After drinking beer at the time of the incident, Rohit snatched Ashish’s mobile. At that time constable Ashish was doing video calling with a familiar girl. There was a fight between the two over not giving the mobile.

According to eyewitnesses Kuldeep Pathak and Piyush Sharma, who lived in the neighboring room, both closed the room and drank beer. During this, Ashish started talking to a young woman by video calling on mobile. Meanwhile, Rohit snatched Ashish’s mobile. From there the two broke up.



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