Up Policemen Saved Life 60 Year Old Man Trapped In Swamp See Pictures Of Rescue



Everyone is appreciating the bravery shown by the Agra Police to save the old man trapped in the swamp. The matter is of Etmadpur road of Barhan. Here the passerby got stuck in the swamp in front of the National Inter College behind the railway platform. He tried to get out for a long time, but could not succeed. During this attempt, his whole body got sunk in the swamp. People told that by the time people heard his voice, his head was out of the swamp, he too was hiding in the bushes. After hearing the sound, a crowd of passersby gathered on the spot, but no one was able to muster the courage to enter the swamp. During this, people informed the police about the matter. The police reached the spot and put their lives on the line to save the old man.

A middle-aged man got trapped in the swamp of a pond-like pit (digi) built in front of the National Inter College on Etmadpur Road on Friday afternoon. Only his neck was visible and he was pleading for help. The police, who reached the information of the villagers, pulled him out with the help of ropes and ropes with the help of people. After this he was referred from CHC to Agra District Hospital.

In the town this pit is behind the railway platform on Etmadpur road and in front of National Inter College. The dirty water of the village and the surrounding area fills it. Due to lack of cleanliness, there has been a swamp and a lot of weeds have grown. A man was found trapped in the swamp at around three o’clock in the afternoon. Only his neck was visible out. He was pleading for help.

When some villagers passing by saw him, they informed the police. In no time, the police station in-charge Sher Singh reached with the police force. The people who had gathered by then told the police that the pond-like pit is very deep, there is a lot of swamp in it. The drowning person is unable to get out of his attempt.

With the help of the people, the police made arrangements for towing and nasaini immediately. The drowning man was rescued by carefully sending constable Sandesh Kumar to the swamp. Fire brigade personnel also reached. The person gave his name as Brijesh (54) son Kunwarpal Singh (resident of Mohalla Watchtower police station Tajganj).



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