When Press Ignore Ajay Devgn In Front Of Actress Madhoo During Phool Aur Kaante



Ajay Devgan ‘Phool aur Kaante’: This is about the time when Ajay Devgan was shooting for his first film ‘Phool Aur Kaante’. He was accompanied by South’s heroine Madhu in this film. At that time the whole crowd first attracted towards Madhu and ran towards him and after that how did Ajay turn the whole crowd towards him.

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The song of the film was being shot in a big park in South Mumbai. Ajay Devgan and Madhu were not stars for the media crowd at that time, but they were just a common artist for them, who were playing the role of hero-heroine in the film. Then one told that the boy in this film is the son of Fight Master Veeru Devgan and the girl who is the niece of Hema Malini. In those days, the power of Hema Malini was heavy on everyone. Hearing all these things, all the media persons reached the shooting location.

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Fight master Veeru Devgan was sitting in white clothes on a chair far away on the set. Sitting beside him was his special friend Sudarshan Ratan. Even after being so famous, Veeru Devdag was a very decent and decent hearted person. Many photographers came there and they started taking photos of Madhu. She was Hema Malini’s niece and everyone was taking her photo considering her as a star. Then seeing the media, Veeru said that meet him, he is the hero of the film Ajay Devgan and his son.

After that everyone in the media turned towards Ajay and started talking to him. Ajay won the hearts of all the media personnel with his simple and spontaneous nature. At that time no one had any idea that that shy boy who was speaking less with his mouth and more with his eyes, he would go ahead to become a Bollywood star, they say that it is not a matter of time to time, where is Madhu today And where is Ajay Devgan?

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In this film, every song filmed on Madhu became a super hit, along with this the film became a superduper hit. This film proved to be a milestone for the career of Ajay as well as Madhu. Even today Madhu is doing many Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films. Madhu has also done many great films in her Hindi film career. The actress won the hearts of people with her excellent performance in films like Phool Aur Kante and Roja.

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Ajay Devgan has become the superstar of Bollywood. Today Ajay has become the identity of Bollywood. Most of his films become super hit. Be it any film, Ajay has always entertained people with his best performance. Film Singham, The Legend Of Bhagat Singh, Singham Returns, Golmaal, Drishyam, Son Of Sardar, Golmaam Again ), Total Dhamaal.



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