WWE Wrestler Sanga Pushpa Style Like Allu Arjun Video Viral On Social Media, Watch Here



WWE Star Sanga Pushpa Style Video: South cinema superstar Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa has made a lot of noise this year. Everyone has liked Pushpa Raj’s character of Allu in the film. Alam is that Pushpa’s happiness has been seen in the film world as well as on the playground. Recently, Indian Wrestler Sanga (Sanga) aka Saurav Gurjar of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has also celebrated his victory in Pushpa Style. Sanga’s ‘Main Jhukega Nahi’ style video is becoming quite viral on social media.

Sanga adopts Pushpa Raj style

Actually Sanga is one of the best Indian wrestler of WWE. Sanga recently defeated the opponent wrestler Jeon Quinn during a match of NXT. Before winning this match, Sanga has celebrated in Pushpa style. In this video viral on social media, you can see that Sanga has done Pushpa style like South actor Allu Arjun. Not only this, Wrestler Sanga has also shared this video on his official Instagram handle.

Pushpa Part 2 will release next year

This is not the first time that Pushpa Raj’s icon style video has gone viral on social media. Before this, many cricketers, celebs and politicians have also been seen doing the style of Main Jhukega Nahi like Allu Arjun. It is known that after the stellar performance of the first part, Pushpa’s Part 2 can be released in theaters next year. Apart from Allu Arjun in this film, South Superstar Rashmika Mandanna is present in the lead role.

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