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The Supreme Court has made a strong comment on Nupur Sharma in the controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad. The court said that Nupur should come on TV and apologize. Nupur Sharma’s case is again in the headlines after the court’s strict remarks. In such a situation, let us know what the court said about Nupur Sharma? Where has FIR been registered against Nupur Sharma across the country? Where did the investigation reach?

First know what the Supreme Court said today?

Nupur Sharma filed a petition in the Supreme Court today. In this, he had demanded that the cases registered against him across the country should be heard in Delhi. Nupur had also told that her life was in danger. However, the court refused to grant any relief to Nupur.

As Nupur’s lawyer Maninder Singh told the Supreme Court that his client’s life was in danger. On this, Justice Surya Kant said that she is in danger or has she become a threat to security? The way he has instigated sentiments in the entire country, he alone is responsible for what is happening in the country. The Supreme Court also said that there was too much delay in apologizing and withdrawing the statement by Nupur Sharma. After the court’s rebuke, Nupur’s lawyer withdrew the petition.

What else did the court say?

  • The Supreme Court suggested Nupur’s lawyer to approach the concerned High Court in this matter. At the same time, reprimanding Nupur Sharma, saying that because she is the spokesperson of a party, the power has gone to her head.
  • The Supreme Court asked what did the Delhi Police do after the complaint was filed against Nupur Sharma? Taking a strong stand on the whole matter, the Supreme Court said that a person was arrested on his complaint, but despite several FIRs against Nupur herself, she has not been touched by the Delhi Police yet. Why so?

Where are the cases registered against Nupur?

According to media reports, West Bengal has the maximum number of 10 cases registered against Nupur Sharma. He has been accused of hurting religious sentiments. Apart from this, a case of rioting has also been registered. Apart from this, two cases are registered in Mumbai, one each in Delhi, Hyderabad and Srinagar. A case has been registered against Nupur for hurting religious sentiments everywhere.

What happened in the investigation so far?

So far, Mumbai Police and Kolkata Police twice have issued notices to Nupur Sharma for questioning. Both the times Nupur Sharma did not appear before the police. Nupur had said that her life was in danger. In such a situation, she cannot travel to different cities to record her statement. Nupur had filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding this.



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