Vice President Election 2022 Modi Government Bjp Party Will Change History News In Hindi – Vice President Election: BJP can surprise even with the name of Vice President, know how can a new record be created?



After the President, now the Vice Presidential election has also been announced. Notification for this will be issued on July 5. The last date for nominations has been fixed on July 19 and voting will be held on August 6. With this, the discussion about the names of candidates in NDA and UPA has intensified. Speculations are rife that like Draupadi Murmu, the BJP can surprise everyone with the name of the Vice Presidential candidate.

Let us know what can happen? Who can be made a candidate from NDA? What new record can be made by BJP’s move? What is the process of Vice President election?

What is the preparation of BJP?

We contacted a BJP national level leader to understand the BJP’s strategy for its Vice Presidential candidate. “It is clear that the candidate of the Vice President will be from any state in North, West or Northeast India,” he said.

He said that the churning is going on on different names of these states. There has never been a woman Vice President in the history of the country. It is possible that this time history will be made. Get a woman in the form of Draupadi Murmu and the country’s first tribal president. At the same time, the chair of the Vice President should also be given to a woman. If this happens then it will be a new record. This will be the first time that both the President and the Vice President will be a woman in the country.

How is the Vice President elected?

1. Members of both the Houses of Parliament cast their votes: The Vice-President is elected by the system of proportional representation through an electoral college consisting of members of both the Houses of Parliament. Members of both the Houses of Parliament participate in it. MLAs vote along with elected MPs in the Presidential election, but in the Vice-President’s election, only members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha can vote.

2. Nominated MPs can also cast votes: Nominated MPs cannot vote in the presidential election, but this is not the case in the vice president’s election. Such members can also vote in the Vice Presidential election. In this way, 790 electors of both the houses participate in the Vice Presidential election. In this, apart from 233 elected members of Rajya Sabha and 12 nominated members, 543 elected members of Lok Sabha and two nominated Lok Sabha members vote. In this way their total number becomes 790.

Who can contest the election of Vice President?

  • Citizen of India who has completed 35 years of age.
  • He should fulfill the qualifications for being elected to the Rajya Sabha.
  • He should be a voter of a parliamentary constituency in that state or union territory.
  • The candidate must not be a member of either House of the Parliament or of either House of the State Legislature. If he is a member of either House, he will have to give up his membership after being elected as the Vice-President.
  • Any person who holds any office of profit under the Government of India or under any State Government or under any subordinate local authority shall not be eligible.



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