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R Madhavan’s Rocketry Review: R Madhavan is a good actor..he has a great craze among girls. If you also thought so much about Madhavan till now then you are wrong. After watching this film you will feel that R Madhavan is not a good actor. Rather it is the genius who has brought alive the story of our country’s hero Nambi Narayanan on screen.

StoryThis is the story of scientist Nambi Narayanan, how he was getting a big job in NASA. Money was getting a car, bungalow, but he decided to work for the country and then how he had to suffer insult in his own country and he had to suffer a lot of humiliation. His family was harassed. You may have heard this story till now but you feel this story in Rocketry. Live that pain with Nambi Narayanan. You too feel that jilted while sitting on the cinema seat. Live that pain. There are more English dialogues in the first half but even then the film keeps you entertained. The film has been shot abroad where Nambi Narayanan had gone. The second half is awesome. Nambi Narayanan’s pain makes you cry

acting– R Madhavan has acted in this film .. it would not be right to say because it did not seem that he is acting. Madhavan has lived this character. Madhavan has portrayed Nambi Narayanan’s journey from youth to old age with perfection..he did not miss fit in a single frame. Madhavan has described the pain of Nambi Narayanan very well. In one scene, when Nambi is with his wife in the rain and he does not get an auto, you also feel his helplessness sitting on the cinema seat. The acting of the rest of the cast is also superb..The film does not get loose anywhere…Madhavan dominates the whole film..End also comes the real Nambi Narayanan and you stand up and clap. Shahrukh Khan is also seen in the film… and the glimpse of King Khan brings ruckus in the theatre. Shahrukh interviewed Nambi Narayanan and he looks amazing.

DirectionMadhavan has written and directed the film and the praise of Madhavan for this is less. Madhavan presented this story as it should. His honesty is clearly visible in the film and this is what makes this film more beautiful.. Madhavan has proved that he is not only a brilliant actor but also an amazing writer and director.

This film is a film that you must watch. You should show your whole family and if someone wants to watch and they don’t have ticket money then you give it..Good cinema will be made and will run only when it is supported…Support this film.. This is the story of the hero of our country and this film also raises many questions and we all have to answer those questions.

Madhavan deserves every award for this film and the biggest award will be the love of the audience.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 starsLess than half a star just because there should always be room to do something better in life and films.

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