Prayagraj Blind Faith The Family Did Not Take Water From The Hand Pump Outside The House



The last rites were performed on Wednesday at Daraganj Ghat in Deeha village of Karchana, Prayagraj, who lost her life due to superstition. Due to ill health, father Abhayraj Yadav could not attend the funeral. He got the whole process done through video call. During this some relatives and policemen were present. Today the Naib Tehsildar reached the hospital and met the family members. The entire family of Abhayraj Yadav, a resident of Diha village, was trapped in the web of superstition. His daughter Antima had died but they did not tell anyone. Were doing worship in the house quietly. When the police reached on the complaint of the neighbors, the whole matter came to light. The post-mortem of Antama was conducted on Wednesday. After that the funeral took place. During this, some of his distant relatives were definitely present, but there was no family member including his father.

Rest of the family members are being treated at SRN Hospital. Father Abhayraj Yadav is in in-laws’ house. His brother-in-law made a video call. After this the entire funeral procession was completed. Abhayraj kept on crying during this time. Meanwhile, the condition of wife and children remains stable in the hospital.

The doctors said that in a day or two he would be taken to a psychiatrist. They are too weak to even stand up right now. His body is not fit to walk due to not taking complete food for a long time and due to superstition.

On Thursday also, Naib Tehsildar Vijay Dwivedi reached the hospital with some people and met the family members. During this, he also talked to the doctors treating him.

Silence around the house, people are afraid to go

There was silence around Abhayraj Yadav’s house on Thursday. Nearby neighbors told that even children are afraid to go near the house. As many things are happening in the village regarding the incident. Neighbors said that Abhayraj’s family was right at first but for some years they had stopped seeing each other.



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