Aaj Ka Shabd Lalach Kunwar Narayan Best Poem Sahishnuta Ko Achran Do



Mechanically vibrating on conch shells, closed eyes…
personal loyalty in
an accident
whose disbelief
Mantras shrug, gods turn away, boons corrupt.
whom you ask
I am scared of their demands.
elsewhere in this Agreement and the Transaction
The rights of the individual were destroyed.
In the dark “keep awake” from the accustomed voices
Watchers on alert, following moral orders
Pet idioms in sleeping ears: as well
A different business from the thieves-doors of faith

man greedy for heaven
would often sacrifice even that conscience
depending on
gift of life

the circumstances in which i live
want to understand them – they are not that much
As much as the world and heaven are created by the imagination
because the person dies
And in his death he is all alone

There is a nudity of course
of open sky
than the body.

body blowing clothes around
I am the rough solitude of a primitive desolate
more exposed than covered
Deadly, Obscene Truths
whom everyone hides
But from whom they cannot hide.
Indrasana’s greed
each life,
as if after a failed conspiracy
ruthless killing of the whole world

A soulful address – your name,
Pied light shining between memory-blocks
A laugh knocks on closed doors
You have woken up in the morning with the cry of a child, but
If you do not open your eyes, his anger has stunned you.
Have done: But, new day, from the curves of laziness
groping – you don’t see it’s another day
And the child who woke you up is no longer a child
love is no longer enough
Do not know how many instincts have grown, he
Your worldview and yours.
Different, Respondent, Unlikely….
Now you hesitate to accept it,
defeated him
Embarrassed to answer him……



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