Payal Rohatgi And Sangram Singh Will Do This Social Work On Their Wedding Know Every Details



Payal-Sangram Wedding: Haldi, Sangeet, wedding and cultural programs related to all the weddings, as if the bride and groom do not have the time to even breathe on this day, but have you heard that on the day of the wedding, a bride and groom Feed 200 animals, feed 100 orphans and plant 100 trees? The beginning of an unbreakable sacred relationship like marriage with such a noble cause, it is indeed a big initiative.

Yes, it is hardly seen in our industry that any star has taken this initiative on the day of marriage. But Common Wealth Winner Wrestler Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi will first start with this noble cause on their wedding day. Where they will salute nature and humanity, whose examples will be given for centuries.

Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi say that, ‘This is the most beautiful and auspicious day, to do something for nature and humanity. Perhaps this cannot be a good start for this sacred relationship, where we will first feed 200 innocent and innocent animals on the wedding day, 50 cows, 40 dogs, 10 donkeys and 100 birds along with it to feed 100 orphans and 100 new trees. We will plant, which will be fruitful and shady, because the nature which has given us so much, under whose shade we are able to breathe freely, if we give this much in return, then we will be lucky. Those innocent animals who cannot say anything, those poor and orphan children who are hungry, if we can fill their stomach even for a time, then we need nothing more than God.

Let us tell you that Sangram Singh had recently expressed his desire to marry Payal Rohatgi, who was going to get married on her birthday i.e. on 21st July, but the auspicious time has come out on 9th July, so on 9th July at JP Palace in Agra. The wedding rituals of these two will be performed, where there will be a program of Haldi, Mehndi and Sangeet and the wedding will be held in a big temple and after that both of them will also give receptions for their special people in Delhi and Mumbai.

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