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Farhan Akhtar Secret’s: ‘If you are walking with your desperation in your heart, then you are alive, if you are walking with the lightning of dreams in your eyes, then you are alive, learn to be free like a gust of wind. You learn to flow like a river in the waves’ By reading the depths of these lines, you must have understood that only one and only a great screenwriter can write it and that is everyone’s favorite actor Farhan Akhtar. In an interview given to Stardust, Farhan Akhtar revealed many deep secrets.

favorite artist
Farhan Akhtar is a great singer as well as a great screenwriter. Their Favorite Artists are set according to different moods. Such as ‘The Beatles’, ‘Pink Floyd’, ‘The Doors’, but what is most special among them is the music of ‘David Grey’. He told that when he heard ‘David Gilmore’ live in London, it was like a dream come true for him.

Farhan is also someone’s fan
Farhan’s singing really touches hearts, but Farhan Akhtar is also a fan of many singers. ‘Mick Jagger’, ‘Axl Rose’ and ‘Eddie Vedder’ (Adi Weather). Apart from this, he also likes the music band of ‘Pearl Jam’. Farhan told that he has also seen a documentary made on ‘Pearl Jam’.

Music depends on mood
Farhan says that it is the harmony of music and song that makes a good song. There is music according to the mood of every person. Therefore, according to him, there is no such song, which has been given more importance. Maybe the music that one person likes, the other may not like it. It all depends on the mood of each person.

listen to these songs in solitude
There are many such albums which are his favourites. But listening to the same songs continuously starts getting boring. It feels like a prison sentence. But yes there are some songs which he listens to in solitude. They are ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ (Pink Floyd), ‘1947 Earth’ (Deepa Mehta) and ‘Ten’ (Pearl James album).

Music is not the language’s fascination
‘With every moment you meet, open your arms, see a new world in every moment, these eyes, which are walking with wonder in their eyes, you are alive, if you are walking with your desperate in your hearts, then you are alive’, Farhan Believes that life should be lived freely. Farhan’s favorite genre is ‘Rock’. In the film RockOn, he touched everyone’s hearts with his acting and best songs. Music is the only thing that is not fascinated by language. Even if the language is not understood, but in spite of this everyone can understand and enjoy music, can connect to it.

Farhan’s story
Farhan shared a special thing that he adopts in his personal and professional life and that is ‘It is very important for everyone that you keep asking yourself whether whatever you are doing is right or not. Wrong. This is the only way to keep yourself clear in your own eyes’.

childhood story
Farhan also told that in childhood he too got a lot of pampering like ordinary children and got punishment for making a mistake. Farhan Akhtar says that he used to think of himself as ‘John Maclean’ in his childhood and used to act like chasing thieves with fake guns in his house. Once upon a time, Farhan had punched his sister Zoya Akhtar in the face while playing. Due to which Zoya was badly hurt. He told that when his sister and director Zoya Akhtar decided to make the film ‘Luck By Chance’ in 2002, but the film was made in 2009. He told that Zoya is very hardworking, but it took her about seven years to make this film, which was a very difficult time for her.



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