Delhi Recorded 116.6 Mm Of Rain On Thursday Know The Weather Report Of Fridaydelhi Weather tomorrow’s weather will be



Moving forward in the last 24 hours, the Southwest Monsoon has knocked in the states of North India. In this episode, the first drizzle of monsoon rain occurred in Delhi-NCR on Thursday. From 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, 116.6 mm of rain has been recorded. Its effect was from the earth to the sky. In many areas along the roads even houses were flooded. Traffic jams were common on the roads. Train and air services ran late. The rain loosened the heat. Meteorologists say that with the arrival of monsoon, now the period of scorching heat is over. There is a possibility of heavy rain in Delhi-NCR in the next 24 hours as well.

According to Rajendra Jenamani, Senior Scientist of the Meteorological Department, the south-west monsoon has reached the entire Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab and Delhi on Thursday. A good amount of rain has been recorded in these states. At the same time, till 11.30 am, moderate rain has been recorded in many areas of Delhi for three consecutive hours. This is the reason that 64.8 mm of rain was recorded at Safdarjung Manak Kendra from 8.30 am to 11.30 am and from 11:30 am to 2.30 pm, 45.4 mm of rain was recorded. There is a possibility of heavy rain in the next 24 hours and Delhi-NCR will remain cloudy for six consecutive days and the spell of drizzle will continue.

Mercury dropped due to incessant rain, recorded 29.4 degree Celsius

The Meteorological Department had issued an orange alert for Thursday. In this episode, the weather started taking a turn in the early hours and in the early morning the sky was dark instead of the sun’s light. The first rain of monsoon knocked with drizzle, which was recorded incessantly in the next three hours only. Around 12 o’clock in the afternoon the rain became light for some time, but after a while the heavy rain started again. After this, till the evening, the rain showers kept raining as a relief for the people of Delhi. Due to incessant rains, the maximum temperature dropped by seven degrees Celsius to 29.4 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the minimum temperature was recorded at 27.6 degrees Celsius, equal to normal. The humidity level in the air was 62 to 100 percent. After Safdarjung, Delhi’s Lodhi Road Standard Center recorded the highest 107.6 mm of rain, while Mayur Vihar Manak Kendra recorded the least 0.5 mm of rain.

Orange alert issued for Friday, heavy rain expected

The Meteorological Department has issued an orange alert for Friday. In such a situation, today there is a possibility of heavy rain with moderate speed winds. The maximum temperature can be recorded at 32 °C and the minimum temperature is 24 °C. While issuing a yellow alert till July 6, the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of moderate rain with cloudy sky. In such a situation, people will continue to get relief from the sultry heat throughout the week.

Rain recorded at different standard centers of Delhi

Palm – 31.8 mm

Lodhi Road – 107.6 mm


Aya Nagar – 51.9 mm

Delhi University – 58.5 mm

Najafgarh – 10.5 mm

Pitampura – 55.5 mm

Pusa – 44.5 mm

Sports Complex – 8 mm

Mayur Vihar – 0.5 mm



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