When Sushmita Sen Withdraw Her Name From Miss India Pageant Because She Was Afraid From Aishwarya Rai



Sushmita Sen Miss Universe : Sushmita Sen made the country proud by winning the Miss Universe crown in the year 1994. At the age of just 18, Sushmita had done wonders which had never happened before in India. Although after that India has got two more Miss Universe in the form of Lara Dutta and Harnaaz Sandhu, but even today Sushmita’s name comes first when it comes to Miss Universe.

There are many stories about Sushmita becoming Miss Universe that you would know. But today we tell you a new story when Sushmita was terribly scared of Aishwarya’s name before applying for Miss Universe and she withdrew her name from the competition, but due to this move of the actress, her mother was much more than her. Was angry. Later, the mother of the actress gave her such a lesson which changed Sushmita’s life. Sushmita Sen recently narrated this whole story during Twinkle Khanna’s show Tweak, how she withdrew her name from this competition and then how she later became Miss Universe.

The actress said, ‘When I was 15 years old, Baba’s budget was very tight. Then I started doing some work for which my father gave me permission. When I was doing this, people started telling me that I should do modelling. One day I went to the club to party with friends and did not know in my house I told them that I am going to study at a friend’s place. In that party a person came to me and said that you should try Miss India. Hearing this, I went to my friends and I said that this guy is a drunk, he came to me again… That person was Ranjan Bakshi of Times of India.’

‘I took the card but there were thousand fears in my mind that if Papa came to know, he would kill him. Well I talked to my mother about this and my mother said ‘very good thing go apply’. When I went to the next day and filled the form, I was told ‘Hey you are very brave, 25 girls have removed their names, because this year Aishwarya Rai has given her name, I immediately withdrew my name. After this my mother did not talk to me for two and a half days, she told me a lot. He said if you think that it is your competition then go and beat them. After that I went and I filled that form and that one decision changed my life and I give full credit to my mother. I am very thankful to him’. By the way, let us tell you that in that year i.e. 1994, Aishwarya won the title of Miss World and Sushmita won the title of Miss Universe. However, before these achievements, Sushmita Sen had won the Miss India Pegment (Miss India 1994).



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