Social Media Reaction After Devendra Fadnavis Made Deputy Cm Of Maharashtra – Social Media: Climax like suspense film in Maharashtra’s politics



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The climax of the current Maharashtra politics proceeded like a suspense film with a very interesting twist. Till yesterday there were speculations that Devendra Fadnavis would become the CM. Till Fadnavis’s press conference in the evening, everyone was assuming that he would take charge of the state. But when he took the name of Eknath Shinde as CM in the press, everyone was surprised. Various speculations started.

Even more shocking news came nearly two hours later at 7 pm when BJP president JP Nadda publicly said that Devendra Fadnavis should be part of the government and accept the deputy chief minister’s post. Within minutes, Amit Shah also read aloud in praise of Fadnavis and said that what he has done for the betterment of the people of the state will be remembered.

Both Nadda and Shah left no stone unturned in praising Fadnavis.

After this new twist, social media especially Twitter was flooded with different types of comments. Some called it a masterstroke of BJP and some called it a betrayal with Fadnavis. Let us know what kind of comments came on Twitter on this decision of BJP.

Describing it as a master stroke, this user wrote-

User Rahul Shendge wrote – No Deputy-CM has become Chief Minister in the history of Maharashtra.

Abhishek Bhambha writes – Last time Ajit Pawar became Deputy CM, this time Eknath Shinde is in front, who says that history does not repeat itself.

This user wrote – Weak Deputy CM did not have an effect in Bihar and BJP does not want to repeat it.

User Siddharth wrote – Seeing Fadnavis’s face, we are getting to know how ‘happy’ he is to be Deputy CM.

A user Gaurav Aggarwal tweeted something like this when Fadnavis was made Deputy CM.

This tweet of Vishal Verma makes you laugh on the face – you are, you do not know but you are.