Indian Cinema First Villain Hiralal Thakur Interesting Facts



Hiralal Thakur Career: A son was born to Sunderdas Thakur in Lahore in 1912. Named Hiralal. When Hiralal grew up a little, he started going to see Ramlila with his parents. He liked Ramlila very much. He liked it even more, Ravana of Ramlila. One who is not afraid of anyone, does not bow down before anyone. Little Hira Lal has decided, growing up, I will act and become a villain and not a hero. In those days many makers started making films with Dadasaheb Phalke.

The film world was flourishing in India. When Hiralal grew up a little more, he started acting in theater and drama circles. In 1928, when he was 16 years old, the first film was being made in Lahore, Hiralal got a chance to work in it but due to some reasons the film got delayed by 3 years. In 1930, the silent film Safdar Jung was made. A villain was shown for the first time in this, this villain was Hiralal Thakur. The first villain of Indian cinema. Earlier films were made in Kolkata, not Mumbai.

Hiralal Thakur also settled in Kolkata before the India-Pakistan partition because the Lahore film industry was not that developed. After Safdar Jung, Hiralal’s magic went away. In films, villains can get big roles, this trend was set by Hiralal. When speaking films came, the demand for villains increased further. His tall stature and heavy voice were suitable for villainy.

Hiralal got the roles of the dreaded villains one after the other. From silent films to spoken films, from black and white to color cinema, Hiralal was carrying his Jauhar flags in films one after the other. Before his death in 1982, Hiralal Thakur had worked in more than 250 films. He has got the tag of being the first superstar villain of Indian cinema.



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