Majrooh Sultanpuri Was In Financially Trouble Raj Kapoor Helped Him



Majrooh Sultanpuri Career: It is the year 1949. Majrooh Sultanpuri was sent to jail by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for a poem. Actually, Sultanpuri was accused of being anti-government. Later, the government put a condition in front of him that if he apologizes in writing to the government, then he will be released. But Majrooh was also firm in his insistence, he refused to apologize to the government in any way.

According to him, no one was of greater stature than his pen. This was Majrooh’s revolutionary style. In this way Majrooh spent two years of his life in jail. When Majrooh Sultanpuri was in jail for 2 years, the financial condition of his family became very bad. In such a situation, showman Raj Kapoor came forward to help him. Raj Kapoor had great respect for Majrooh Sultanpuri. But Majrooh Sultanpuri was so self-confident that he refused to take any kind of help.

Raj Kapoor solved this too and asked Majrooh to write a song for him. After this, he wrote the famous song ‘Ek Din Bick Jayega Maati Ke Mol’ in jail itself and for this song Raj Kapoor paid him 1 thousand rupees. Raj Kapoor sent this remuneration to the family members of Sultanpuri. This fee was much higher than other lyricists because at that time songwriters used to get only 200-300 rupees for a song.

Later Raj Kapoor used this song in his film ‘Dharam Karam’ which became a huge hit. After this Majrooh came out of jail after two years around 1951, after which he wrote many songs till 2000. His pairing with composer Naushad and film director Nasir Hussain continued to do wonders. He gave the best songs to Hindi cinema for 6 decades.



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