Om Puri Left Job As Boss Did Not Give Him Leave To Work On Play | Om Puri: When Om Puri had left the job due to not getting leave, told the boss



Om Puri Movies: Veteran actor Om Puri was very fond of theatre. Once he did not get leave to participate in the drama, so he left the job. In fact, in the initial days, he was a scribe to a lawyer in Chandigarh. Once he was supposed to perform in a play in Chandigarh but the lawyer refused to give him 3 days leave. Om Puri got irritated by this. He angrily told his lawyer, “Keep your job and give my account.”

When Om Puri’s college friends came to know about this, they talked to the principal. The principal asked the professor – is there any place in the college? He said – there is a place for a lab assistant, but what does he know about science?

The principal said – it doesn’t matter, the boys will say on their own, hold the blue vial, hold the yellow vial. In this way the work of Om Puri continued. Meanwhile, Om Puri participated in a play at a youth festival in Patiala. One of his judges was Harpal Diwana. He was educated from the National School of Drama.

Diwana said to Om Puri – you join our theater. On this Om Puri said – I cannot, because I work during the day and go to college in the evening.Diwana said – What job do you do? Om Puri said – I am a lab assistant in college. Diwana replied- You do this to become a day scholar and do a job with us, as well as work in drama. This is your job. How much salary do you get? Om Puri said – 125 rupees, then Diwana said – I will give 150 rupees, you come. In this way Om Puri joined the theater and then managed to make a place in films.

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