Actress Urfi Javed Reaction On Udaipur Murder Case, Read Here | Udaipur Murder Case: Urfi Javed’s reaction on Udaipur murder case, said



Udaipur Murder Case: After the brutal massacre in Udaipur on Tuesday, the atmosphere is quite heated. A Taylor named Kanhaiya Lal was publicly slit to death. In this, public anger is being seen about this murder. At the same time, film personalities are also not shying away from giving their feedback in this matter. Meanwhile, Urfi Javed, who is called the social media sensation queen, has strongly condemned the Udaipur massacre, giving his opinion on this serious issue.

Urfi Javed strongly condemned the Udaipur massacre

After the Udaipur violence, everyone is shocked, due to which the matter is being discussed everywhere. In such a situation, actress Urfi Javed has also expressed grief over the incident in Udaipur. Actually, Urfi Javed has shared two posts in the story on his official Instagram handle. In which Urfi is written that where we are going. Allah did not say that hatred should be spread or anyone should be killed in his name. Apart from this, Urfi Javed has continued his opinion on this issue.

People have become each other’s enemies – Urfi Javed

On the Udaipur incident, Urfi Javed has put forward his point and said that people have become enemies of each other in the name of religion in our place. ready to kill each other. What is all this, but today’s environment regarding religion has changed a lot. Although I am going to get many hate messages after this post of mine, but there is still time for people to open their eyes and yes those who will send hate messages to me, but I do not do the work of spreading hatred like those people.

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