Swara Bhaskar Received Death Threats Through An Letter Mumbai Cops Launch Probe



Recently, Bollywood actor Salman Khan received death threats. The threat was given to the actor through a letter that his father Salim Khan received on the morning of June 5. This news had created a ruckus in the industry and the police also got involved in strict investigation. At the same time, now after Salman Khan, Bollywood industry’s strong actress Swara Bhaskar has received death threats. The actress has received a letter through speed post at her house, in which it has been talked about killing Swara.

In this letter written in Hindi, it has been directly talked about killing Swara Bhaskar. The actress has been warned to stop insulting Veer Savarkar and focus only on her films. The name of the sender was not written in this letter. But the sender of this letter has described himself as the youth of the country. It is written in the letter that keep your language in moderation…will not tolerate Veer Savarkar’s apology. The youth of this country. Make your film comfortably or else the funeral will take place. At the same time, Swara has lodged a complaint at Versova police station.

Please tell that Swara Bhaskar has always been seen speaking openly on the political issues of the country. Many times there has been a ruckus on her statements, but she is still seen expressing her opinion on every issue without fear. Swara has also made many tweets for Veer Savarkar. In the year 2017, the actress had made a tweet in which it was written, ‘Savarkar apologized to the British government. Begged to get out of jail! He is definitely not ‘Veer’. More such tweets have been made by the actress.

Last night, Swara Bhaskar also expressed her anger by tweeting on the Udaipur massacre. He wrote, ‘Highly condemnable… as per law the criminals should be dealt with immediately and strictly. Heinous crime… Anyapurna, as it is often said, if you want to kill in the name of your Lord, start with yourself. Sick monster.’



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