When Asha Parekh Broke Her Silence On Her Decision To Leave Bollywood



Bollywood Actress Asha Parekh: Asha Parekh’s name is taken among the successful actresses of her time. He gave tremendous hits in his film career. The characters played by him are remembered even today. He started his film career with the film Dil Dekkar Dekho. Apart from this, he worked as a child artist in many films.

Asha Parekh’s film journey

Asha Parekh did more than one hit role in her film journey. Those characters may be Asha’s role in the film Love in Tokyo, Kavita’s role in the film Upkar, Seema’s character in the film Pyaar Ka Mausam, Roopa’s role in the film Mahal or Madhu’s character in the film Kati Patang. He made each of his roles memorable.

distance from bollywood

Asha Parekh herself had revealed in an interview that in the second innings of films, she started getting offered mostly mother’s characters. Along with this, he had also told in the interview that often he had to sit for a whole day for one shot. Male actors used to come in the evening after the morning schedule for shooting, due to which she started feeling torture. Tired of this torture, he considered it right to shun Bollywood. Asha Parekh had said in an interview to PTI that she had less work to do and had to sit from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm for a shot, so it was better that she distance herself from Bollywood.

On the decision of leaving the industry, Asha Parekh had said that it was not such a difficult decision. She told that she could not wait all day for a shot. Let us tell you that Asha Parekh was last seen in the role of Rani in the film Mutth Bhar Zameen. Since then, he is away from the film screen.

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