Director Neeraj Pathak Announced Biopic On Para Commando Madhusudan Surve It Is Plan To Cast A Big Actor



Madhusudan Surve Biopic: A film is going to be made on the biography of Maratha warrior Yodhya, who was awarded the Shaurya Chakra and sacrificed his life for the country, Para Commando, the son of India, Madhusudan Surve. Bollywood director Neeraj Pathak has bought the rights to make Madhusudan Surve’s biopic and recently went to his village Shivtar (Khed District) and announced to make a film with him.

Wonderful films were made in the film history on Maratha Freedom Fighter, in which his valor saga was brought to life on the big screen and now better way to salute his sacrifice and motherly love than Maratha para commandos who took 11 bullets for the country and lost even one leg. Can’t be

Writer, producer and director Neeraj Pathak is all set to narrate the life story of this war hero, and announced the launch of the mega biopic in Shivtar, the village of Para Commando Surve, a village steeped in patriotism.

Neeraj Pathak stood goosebumps after hearing the story of Madhusudan Surve

Deciding to honor Maratha war hero Madhusudan Surve ji with a shawl, an emotional Neeraj Pathak says – “India will be free as long as it is home to heroes like Madhusudan Surve.” Going to the heart when he heard that Madhusudan Surve had received 11 bullets while rescuing a fellow soldier during a battle. His leg was badly injured, and he amputated the remains of his left leg up to the knee.

Even during pre-amputation surgery from the hospital, he called his wife to say that he had been injured while playing football and that no one except those around him could have escaped death.

Will cast any big Bollywood actor

Director Neeraj Pathak told about this biopic that “I have bought the rights to make para commando Madhusudan Surve ji’s biopic and am about to start research work. Madhusudan Surve ji is among us, through which we can get to know about him.” It will be easy to do research work in me. The film will go on floors very soon and we will talk to any ‘A’ lister of Bollywood who has not played any commando officer role or biopic till next year. Will release the film”. Neeraj Pathak further says- “There are only winners in war, no runners-up. A soldier either hoists the tricolor or comes back wrapped in it. Madhusudan Surve’s bravery is astonishing, that’s why I have given the rights to his biopic.” For.”

Para Commado Madhusudan Surve’s Battles and Immortals

Madhusudan Surve is a former paracommando and a deadly soldier who has been selected to work behind enemy lines and thwart enemy defences. They were trained to perform intelligence improvements and sabotage of critical enemy infrastructure and communications through deep penetration and surgical strikes behind enemy lines.

Para commando Madhusudan Surve, a resident of Shivtar village in Ratnagiri, Khed district of Konkan, hails from the soldiers’ village. He has been on duty on Operation Rhino in Assam, Operation Rakshak in Jammu and Kashmir, Operation Vijay in Kargil, Operation Orchid in Nagaland and Operation Hifazat in Manipur, where he and his team lost a limb and was almost fatally injured. Despite this, more than 32 terrorists were eliminated. He was also on the United Nations Peacekeeping Monitoring Mission in Congo, South Africa. The next generation of his family is also working for the service of the country. His son is preparing for NDA and daughter is working in the medical field. Madhusudan Surve was awarded the Shaurya Chakra in 2005 for his exceptional fight against Naxalites in Manipur, and served six years following the incident and retired from active duty in 2011.

The heroic story of Madhusudhan Surve’s village Shivtar

Shivtar village in Khed taluka of Ratnagiri is known as the village of soldiers. The tradition of joining the Indian Army from every household of this village continues even today. Of the Indian soldiers who died in World War I, 18 brave soldiers were the sons of this village, and most of the residents are still serving in the army. The high school in the village has classes named after the heroic forts of Maharashtra. In fact, several generations of Commando Surve’s family have been in the army. The villagers there proudly say that they get the opportunity to join the Indian Army from their school days. There is a fitness club to fight for the country and to strengthen the physical force. In this village, not only the army, but the younger generation of the village is also serving the country in the field of police force and medicine. Jana Gana Mana resonates in every classroom at Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje Sainik School in Khed, where today, young boys march past towards the Shaheed Stambh in honor of the martyr sons of Shivtar village.

British government built a heroic memorial of martyr soldiers in Shivtar

The then British government built a brave memorial of martyr soldiers in Shivtar to remember their contribution to the country, Neeraj Pathak salutes their valor and courage.

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