Udaipur Murder Case Kanhaiyalal Killers Have Links With Pakistan Took 15 Days Training In Karachi



New revelations are being made in the murder of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The Pakistani connection of the accused has also come to the fore in the investigation. Both had also gone to Karachi. Along with this, they were also talking continuously on some numbers there. The NIA has registered a case against both the accused of murder, Mohammad Riaz and Mohammad Ghaus, after interrogating them. Now only NIA will investigate this matter.

According to reports, many important information has come to the fore in the investigation, which is telling the connection of the accused with Pakistan. The accused Riyaz and Ghaus had gone to Karachi. Both of them had also taken training for about 15 days there. This training has been taken in 2014-15. Both were also associated with Dawat-e-Islam organization in Pakistan. After coming back from Karachi, both the accused were continuously provoking the youth of the society to remain fanatical for their religion. He had also created a WhatsApp group in which the youth were being brainwashed by sending provocative videos and messages.

Talking on Pakistan’s numbers

In the investigation of the mobile phones of the accused, the NIA has found about ten suspicious numbers. Their location is coming in Pakistan and India. The accused were also talking continuously on these numbers. Both were also in touch with a Maulana from Pakistan. CM Ashok Gehlot has also said that the accused are in contact with Pakistan and Arab countries.

Not only murder, there was also a plan to spread panic

Mohammad Riyaz and Mohammad Ghaus did not just want to kill the tailor Kanhailal. Along with the murder, his plan was to spread panic across the country. Under this plan, he made a live video of the murder. Along with this, even after absconding after killing, he made a video and confessed to murder in it. He also called the murder a punishment for insulting Islam.

NIA team reached the spot

Today on Wednesday, teams of police, NIA, SIT, FSL and ATS also reached the tailor’s shop. The investigating agencies gathered evidence by investigating here, as well as interrogating the people around. The NIA team has also questioned Rajkumar, who worked with Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur.

Know what is the matter?

Actually, the murder case is of Bhoot Mahal area of ​​Dhanmandi area of ​​the city. Kanhaiyalal, who lives here, is a tailor and runs his own shop. On Tuesday, two Muslim youths reached the tailor’s shop on the pretext of giving the measurement of the cloth and started attacking him. The swift attacks did not even give him a chance to recover. His neck was cut and he died on the spot. His colleague Ishwar Singh, who was working at the shop, was also seriously injured in the attack. He is being treated at MB Hospital in the city.



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