Bollywood Film Maker Ashok Pandit Comment On Javed Akhtar For Udaipur Murder Case



Udaipur Murder Case: After the murder of Taylor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, there is a lot of anger among people on social media. From the political corridor to the Hindi cinema world, everyone is raising their voice against this violence, but in the meantime a famous Bollywood filmmaker has taken a dig at Hindi film writer Javed Akhtar. Actually, no response has come from Javed Akhtar’s side regarding this issue so far.

This filmmaker targeted Javed Akhtar

While on the one hand many celebrities of the Bollywood film industry have expressed their reaction to the Udaipur incident, on the other hand, there has been no reaction yet on behalf of writer Javed Akhtar, who has expressed his opinion on every issue of the country. On this, now famous filmmaker Ashok Pandit of Hindi films has targeted Javed Akhtar. In fact, Ashok Pandit has tweeted on his official Twitter handle and wrote that respected Javed Akhtar ji must have heard about the Udaipur incident. In such a situation, after this taunt of Ashok Pandit, people have started giving their reactions on social media.

people gave such answers

After this tweet by filmmaker Ashok Pandit against Javed Akhtar, a Twitter user has written that hey what are you talking about Ashok ji, where does Javed Akhtar pay attention to all these things. Another user has written that the voice of only selected people reaches Javed Akhtar’s ears. Many people are reacting differently in this way..

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