Two Elderly Women Of Haryana Dominated Internet – These grandmothers of Haryana in discussion: One jumped from a bridge into the Ganges, the other took ‘flight’ at the age of 105, this is the secret of their health



Milk and curd food, simple arrow. Haryanaites with such an identity remain in the headlines in every field. The secret to the health of 105-year-old Rambai, who completed the 100 meter race in 45.4 seconds, is indigenous diet and regular walks. Rambai, who made a national record in the race event of Master Athletics Championship held in Vadodara, hails from village Kadma in Charkhi-Dadri district of Haryana.

Rambai says that she is fond of desi food (ghee, curd, churma, curd and messy roti) since childhood. This diet is the basis of their longevity and healthy life. Even after crossing the age of more than a century, he does not have any kind of physical problem. Even at this age, she goes for regular walks.

Walk three to four kilometers a day. She drinks half a kilo of milk in the morning and evening. During the day, desi nuni is eaten with ghee on churma or rotis. In winters she likes to eat messy roti with ghee. His family grows vegetables on their own farm.

Jumped from the bridge into the Ganges, the 70-year-old grandmother of Jind reached the ghat by swimming

At the same time, another grandmother from Haryana is dominating the internet. The stunt of a 73-year-old grandmother jumping into the Ganges from a bridge at Harki Paidi in Haridwar is viral on social media. She had reached Haridwar to take bath in the Ganges. Grandmother also got excited while jumping the youth from the bridge into the Ganges. Dadi jumped into the raging Ganges and swam easily to the ghat.

Everyone is surprised to see the stunt and enthusiasm of Dadi wearing a suit-salwar and hair dyed with henna. The video of Dadi’s stunt went viral on social media in a matter of seconds. The person who made the video viral has given the caption ‘Our grandmother is less than the ends’. There is a police guard on Harki Paidi. Devotees often die due to bathing in the Ganges or drowning during stunts. After Dadi’s stunt, questions are also being raised on the vigilance of the police. SSP Dr. Yogendra Singh Rawat has ordered an inquiry.



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