Family Was Locked In House With Dead Body Of Daughter For Five Days In Prayagraj

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A very shocking case has come to light in Diha village of Karchana area of ​​Prayagraj. Here a family was locked inside the house for five days with the body of 18-year-old daughter Anthima Yadav. Villagers informed the police after smelling foul, after which the incident came to light. On going inside, 11 other members of the house were also found lying ill. One of them was in critical condition. During interrogation, it was found that food was not cooked in the house for several days and the family members only drank Gangajal. The police have sent everyone to the hospital. where he is being treated. Abhayraj Yadav, a resident of Diha village, used to do a private job. He started staying at home after he lost his job during the Corona transition. He has five daughters and three sons. Four daughters have been married and except one, three daughters were in the maternal house these days.

On Tuesday afternoon, when neighbors informed about a strong foul smell coming from the house, the police reached. On going inside the house, Anthima’s body was found lying. The dead body was several days old and it was smelling bad.

Not only this, many other members inside the house also got sick. Apart from the deceased, his three sisters, three brothers and their five children are included. Among them, the condition of Abhayraj’s granddaughter Kriti (5) was very serious. All were sent to the hospital. Of these, four have been admitted to SRN.

Illness was not treated, was doing exorcism

On getting information about the incident, along with CO Karchana, SP Yamunapar, SDM and other officers also came. When he started the investigation, it was found that except Abhayraj, all the other members of the family were ill. But instead of getting medicine, he was engaged in exorcism.

Abhayraj told that if he protested, sons and daughters used to scold him and silence him. When the condition of daughter Antita deteriorated, she once again asked for medicine, then everyone locked her in a room. He was locked in the room for five days.



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