Ishq Vishk Actress Shenaz Treasury Diagnosed With Prosopagnosia Shares Post On Social Media

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Shenaz Treasury Diagnosed With Prosopagnosia: Ishq Vishk fame actress Shenaz Treasury remains a part of the headlines these days. He has kept distance from the industry for a long time. But she remains very active on social media. Shenaz has become a travel blogger and keeps sharing something or the other every day. Shenaz has revealed one of his diseases in his Instagram story. In this disease you are not able to recognize the face. Shenaz has told that she has suffered from prosopagnosia. In this disease you are unable to recognize the face. Shenaz has told that she used to have trouble recognizing people’s faces but she recognizes them by their voice.

Shenaz has told the fans about her illness on her Instagram story. Shenaz wrote- I have come to know about prosopagnosia 2. Now I understand why I couldn’t keep the faces together. This is a disorder. I was always ashamed that I could not recognize people’s faces. I recognize the voice.

tell the symptoms of the disease
Shenaz spoke about the signs and symptoms of prosopagnosia in her second Instagram story. He wrote – You do not recognize the faces of your close friends or family, especially when you are not expecting to meet them. Yes, this is me. It takes me a few minutes to remember them.

Shenaz has told many things about this disease on her Instagram story. Knowing about Shenaz, his fans have become upset.

Shenaz is currently a travel blogger. She made her Bollywood debut with the film Ishq Vishk opposite Shahid Kapoor. After that she has appeared in many films like Omar, Aag Se Wright, Radio, Luv Ka The End and Daily Belly.

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