All You Need To Know About Violence Cases In Rajasthan Tension In 3 Districts In 3 Months Udaipur Jodhpur Karauli

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Communal violence and tension are not taking the name of stopping in Rajasthan. The situation is that within three months three major violent incidents have come to the fore in the state. Barring the Udaipur incident, there have been six major riots in the state in four years. Here, internet service has been stopped in the entire state after the tailor was murdered by slitting his throat in Udaipur. Along with this, Section 144 has also been implemented in all the districts. Curfew has also been imposed in the police station areas along with the district. Let us now tell you why there is a ruckus in Udaipur and when the situation was deteriorating in six districts of the state..?

June 28 Udaipur: Internet shutdown in entire Rajasthan after tailor’s murder, curfew in the district

The murder case is of Bhoot Mahal area of ​​Dhanmandi area of ​​the city. Kanhaiyalal runs a tailor’s shop here. On Tuesday, he was working in the shop with his colleagues. During this, two Muslim youths who came on the bike started giving him the measurement of clothes. After that suddenly attacked with a weapon. He died after about seven blows. His partner Ishwar Singh, who came to the rescue during the attack, was also seriously injured. He has been admitted to MB Hospital in the city for treatment.

The incident took place around 3.30 pm. Shortly after the murder, Hindu organizations started protesting in the area. After this the internet was shut down in the city and then curfew was imposed in seven police station areas. Then curfew and section 144 were imposed in the whole of Rajasthan. Late in the evening, the police arrested both the killers from Rajsamand district. The Rajasthan government has announced a compensation of Rs 31 lakh to the next of kin of the deceased. Along with this, it has also been announced to give contract jobs to 2 members of the family of the deceased. Please tell that a young man has been murdered for sharing a post in support of Nupur Sharma. However, this post was shared not by the deceased Kanhailal but by his eight-year-old son.

May 2 Jodhpur: Controversy over removal of religious flag, curfew had to be imposed if the situation worsened

A rally was taken out in Jodhpur on the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti. During this, flags were put up at Jalori Gate intersection. On the late night of May 2, the people of the society tried to put flags at this crossroads regarding Eid. People started putting flags of their religion by removing the flags already there, people of other society opposed it. During this, a young man was assaulted by people of a particular community. After this, the crowd gathered on the spot removed the loudspeakers installed for Namaz from the pole. People of both the communities came face to face and stone pelting started. Police brought the situation under control by lathi charge and tear gas shells. Four policemen including DCP Bhuvan Bhushan Yadav, SHO Amit Sihag and some media persons were also injured in stone pelting. Several days later, curfew was lifted from ten police station areas of the city.

April 2 Karauli: Violence erupted after stone pelting at bike rally, shops and houses were set on fire

People of a particular community pelted stones on a bike rally taken out on the occasion of Hindu New Year. This led to violence in Hatwara market of the city. The miscreants set fire to more than 35 shops, houses and bikes. In view of the deteriorating situation, the administration immediately swung into action and imposed Section 144 in the city, but it did not control the situation. After this the administration imposed curfew in the district and then stopped internet service. More than 43 people, including policemen, were injured in the violence. Due to the curfew imposed after this violence, the people of the city were imprisoned in their homes for about 15 days.

July 19, 2021 Jhalawar: The situation worsened after the dispute between the youth

There was a dispute between the youth of two communities in one area of ​​the city. After some time violence broke out here. People from both the communities came face to face. Houses, shops and bikes were torched and vandalized. Using force, the police controlled the people. To stop the rumours, the administration suspended internet service in some areas for three days. During this, the police had registered a case against more than 200 people for inciting violence and causing damage to public property.

Baran 11 April 2021: After the murder of two youths, the mob turned violent, controlled by leaving tear gas shells

Violence broke out after two youths were killed in Chhabra in the district. To bring the situation under control, police shut down the internet and imposed curfew. Dozens of vehicles, shops and houses were torched during the communal violence. The police had to use tear gas shells to control the violent mob. Government vehicles and property were also set ablaze by the furious protesters.



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