On suspicion of GST evasion, companies’ warehouses were raided, tobacco products were found in large quantities, samples were sent for investigation. Companies’ warehouse raided on suspicion of GST evasion, tobacco products found in large quantities, samples sent for investigation



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  • Companies’ Warehouse Raided On Suspicion Of GST Evasion, Tobacco Products Found In Large Quantities, Samples Sent For Investigation

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Pan Masala is prepared in IMT Sector 69 of Ballabhgarh, of Rajshree and Kamala's favorite mark.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Pan Masala is prepared in IMT Sector 69 of Ballabhgarh, of Rajshree and Kamala’s favorite mark.

CM Flying and GST Department raided the warehouse of two companies located at IMT. Tobacco products have been found in huge quantities in the godown. Their samples have been sent for examination along with the related documents of the products found in the warehouse are being matched. CM Flying fears that GST is being evaded on a large scale by the said companies by sending goods to other states.

Rajesh Kumar Chechi, DSP of CM Flying said that on June 22, his team had caught three trucks from Ballabgarh IMT carrying tobacco products to other states. During interrogation, it was found that the companies have made warehouses for the goods being sent in trucks. On Friday, CM Flying jointly raided plot number 792 Sector 69 IMT with Food and Safety Officer Sachin Sharma, Drug Controller Manjit Dabas, ETO of GST Department Jitendra Kumar. Here the paan masala of Rajshree and Kamala’s favorite mark is prepared. Dr. Sachin has sent different samples of ready-made goods to the laboratory for examination. He said that in the preliminary investigation, it has been found that the ready-made paan masala bags are procured through trains and stocked in the warehouse. They are further sent as per the demand of the market. The GST team is collecting and reconciling their sales and purchase records.

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