Maharastra Political Crisis Why Uddhav Thackeray Not To Alliance With Bjp Know Reasons News

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Political crisis continues in Maharashtra. Eknath Shinde is still camping in Guwahati along with 40 Shiv Sena rebels and 10 independent MLAs. The group of rebel MLAs has made it clear that they will come with Uddhav only when Shiv Sena’s alliance with NCP and Congress breaks and there will be talk of forming government with BJP.

At the same time, the Uddhav Thackeray faction is also taking a soft and sometimes hot stand. Today Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray himself issued an emotional message to the rebel MLAs. In this he said, ‘As the head of your family, I am concerned about you. You guys come back. Sit in front and talk to me.’

In the midst of all this, the BJP is being mentioned again and again from both the sides. While the Uddhav faction is trying to tell the BJP’s hand behind this whole upheaval, the Shinde faction says that now leaving the NCP and Congress, form the government again with the BJP. BJP is an old ally of Shiv Sena. In such a situation, the question arises that why Uddhav Thackeray is shying away from going with the BJP despite having an ideological similarity and having an old relationship for years. What is the reason behind this? Let’s know…

First read what Uddhav said after all?

Uddhav issued an emotional message to the rebel MLAs. In this he said, ‘As the head of your family, I am concerned about you. You guys have been imprisoned for a few days and kept in Guwahati. New information about you people comes out everyday. Many of you are in touch with me. You guys are still with Shiv Sena at heart.

Uddhav further said, ‘As a chief I can only say that it is not too late. You guys come to Mumbai and sit in front of me and clear your doubts. We will definitely find a way out by sitting together. The respect and respect that you have got in Shiv Sena will not be found anywhere.

What does the Shinde faction want?

It has also been said many times on behalf of the Eknath Shinde faction camping in Guwahati that nothing can happen as long as there is an alliance with NCP and Congress. Shinde faction wants back alliance between Shiv Sena and BJP. It is being said that soon the Shinde faction can stake claim to form the government with the help of BJP. For this, he will also meet BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis in Delhi. It is being said that along with the MLAs of Shinde faction, many MPs also want Shiv Sena and BJP to form the government in the state.

Why doesn’t Uddhav want an alliance with BJP?

Most of the Shiv Sena MLAs, ministers and MPs want an alliance with the BJP rather than the NCP and the Congress. 40 MLAs of Shinde faction have made it very clear. Despite this, Uddhav Thackeray is not ready to accept this. After all, what is the reason behind it? Why Uddhav is not ready to ally back with BJP despite old ties and same ideology?

We asked the same question to Pradeep Raimulkar, a senior journalist who has a good hold on Maharashtra politics. “Uddhav has two big challenges at the moment. The first is to save the Shiv Sena from disintegration and secondly to expand the political power.

Raimulkar further gave three big reasons why Uddhav does not want to forge an alliance with the BJP.

1. BJP is fast becoming stronger in Maharashtra: At one time, with the help of Shiv Sena, BJP had entered the politics of Maharashtra. Then in Maharashtra elections Shiv Sena used to contest more seats and BJP less. Gradually the gap between the two narrowed.

Differences between the two parties started increasing over seat-sharing. At present, BJP is a bigger party than Shiv Sena in the state. It has had more than 100 MLAs since the last two elections. With increasing strength, BJP has started demanding more seats than Shiv Sena. This has been seen in the last two Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections.

Till the time Balasaheb was there, he used to manage everything somehow. BJP leaders also respected him, but now the matter with Uddhav is different. Uddhav fears that he may not get much benefit if he stays with the BJP. Rather, the BJP will move ahead at a faster pace. He does not want to go with BJP again because of EC.



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